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All High on Life characters

There’s a few wacky faces and voices you’ll meet in this universe. Here’s the full list of High on Life characters you’ll find in the game

High On Life Characters: Gus can be seen looking at a sand worm

The universe is a fairly big place, and although High on Life only offers you a slice of it, there’s a great cast of High on Life characters you’ll be meeting during your time in Blim City and the other planets. In fact, most of them will insult you, frequently, so look forward to that.

We’re not including the antagonists in this list, as you can find them in our High on Life bosses list, which goes into detail about their personalities as well as who they are in the G3 Cartel. In this list, we’ll be going over major characters, including the High on Life weapons who you’ve come to love. There will be some minor spoilers below for the story.

All High on Life characters

Here are all of the High On Life characters that you’ll be spending most of your time with when you explore the universe:

  • Lizzie
  • Gene
  • Kenny
  • Knifey
  • Gus
  • Sweezy
  • Creature
  • Lezduit
  • Clugg

High on Life Characters: Lizzie from High on Life sitting on a bed


Lizzie is the main character’s sister, who plans to have a party before the G3 Cartel invades Earth. While she throws insults at your character, saying they have no life prospects, it’s clear she cares for you throughout the game. She also argues with Gene quite a lot during the runtime of the narrative.

High on Life Characters: Gene sitting on a sofa


An ex-bounty hunter who you find in Blim City, Gene is homeless and had lost his legs prior to the game’s start. He offers you his bounty hunter suit in exchange for your home if he dies, which you accept, and he remains on the sofa in your home for the rest of the game. While he can be a bit of a dick, he also clearly shares concerns for you, while also understanding he’ll win the house if you die.

High on Life Characters: Kenny when you first pick him up on Earth


The first Gatlian you meet, Kenny is voiced by none other than Justin Roiland. This Gatlian is arguably one of the nicer ones, although it still throws insults at the enemies as often as possible. Kenny is a reliable, yet simple pistol that offers a sludge bomb that flings enemies into the air as his Trick Hole.

High on Life Characters: Knifey in High on Life


Knifey is the only melee weapon in the game, and he makes you aware of that constantly by talking about stabbing people and wanting to kill them. He’s reliable, and always ready to take a stab at an enemy, although he doesn’t talk too much after you pick him up.

High on Life Characters: Gus holding his thumb up at the player


Gus is an almost frog-like Gatlian, which offers bullets like a shotgun. He’s typically insulting the rest of the cast of Gatlians as well as the G3 Cartel’s forces, but always thanks you when you finally get back to using him as your weapon of choice. His Trick Hole is a vacuum that brings unwilling enemies closer.

High on Life Characters: Sweezy in High on Life


Sweezy clearly doesn’t give a shit, and will throw swear words and insults at anyone, including you. Her crystal shots act like an SMG, with her Trick Hole offering a time bubble that slows down enemies and some projectiles to a crawl.

High on Life Characters: Creature and his kids in High on Life


Creature produces children like nothing in the universe, and uses said children against any enemies that come your way. He’s one of the kinder members of your Gatlian arsenal, offering to be the bridge between many of the Gatlian disputes. His Trick Hole offers one of his children up as a psychic, mind controlling enemies to help.

High on Life Characters: Lezduit in High on Life


The final Gatlian, and arguably the most powerful, Lezduit was the leader of the rebellion for Gatlus, the Gatlian home planet, when it was invaded by the G3 Cartel. He was believed to be dead by Kenny, however, you find out that the G3 Cartel was performing experiments on him. He’s repaired by Gene, however he can only shout his name instead of hold conversations.

High on Life Characters: Mayor Clugg in High on Life


The current mayor of Blim City, and candidate for the next mayoral election, Clugg helps you by offering locations of some members of the G3 Cartel, as well as a way to save humans from becoming drugs for the various alien species in the game. But what do they say? Never trust a politician.

Those are all of the High on Life characters you’ll meet in Squanch Games’ unique universe. You can find all of the voices behind your favourite characters in the list above by checking out the High on Life cast and voice actors. Make sure to follow our High on Life walkthrough to help you during the story and the post-game, and you should also check out our guide on the High on Life secret ending and how to get it, which also gives you an achievement.