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High On Life should you wait one hour in G3 recruitment?

Do you want to know if you should wait one hour in High On Life during G3 recruitment? Here is what happens if you do and if it is worth it

High On Life Wait 1 Hour: An enemy can be seen

So, you have come across the lecture hall and Douglas has told you to wait an hour. That is why you are here. But should you? Well, let us tell you if it is worth hanging around and deciding to wait for one hour in High One Life.

As High On Life generally trolls you in a number of ways like letting you think you can stab Gene in High On Life‘s early hours, you may think this is a trick. Or, you might potentially hope you can nab an achievement for sitting around. Below you can see if this is a joke from Squanch Games or a hidden secret only meant for the players with the most resolve.

Should you wait one hour in High On Life?

In short, you really shouldn’t wait around for one hour in High On Life as you don’t get any kind of reward for doing so. All that happens is that Douglas pops in with a video message every 15 minutes before at one hour the screen lifts up and then breaks. Douglas will then say you have to wait another 7 days for it to be fixed.

As you are definitely not going to want to do that, to get out you can sneak through the fence at the top of the lecture hall. You don’t even get an achievement for doing this, so there really isn’t any reason for you to wait around at all. So, it is definitely a joke. If you are then looking for more tips later on in this mission, you can read our guide on how to beat Douglas in High On Life for a strategy on how to eliminate him.

Now you know that should not wait one hour in High On Life, you can actually get out there and take down more G3 members in later High On Life missions and bounties. For more boss guides in those missions and collectible guides, check out our High On Life walkthrough.