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High On Life how to use Warp Discs

Get an idea of how to use Warp Discs in High On Life so that you can get around each planet and location a lot easier and quicker

High On Life Use Warp Discs: Your device can be seen

High On Life is pretty good at explaining how its gameplay systems and mechanics work. But, one thing that isn’t really explained is Warp Discs. So, to save you from guessing what to do yourself we will take you through how to use Warp Discs in High On Life.

Warp Discs are one of a ton of different items in the game to collect as you explore and generally you will be able to get them as you complete High On Life missions and bounties. They are key to being able to get around each of the game’s planets quickly without having to take ages to backtrack through areas.

How to use Warp Discs in High On Life

Warp Discs can be used at glowing beacons throughout the planets in High On Life. However, only specific Warp Discs can be used at specific beacons on planets, so you will need to have obtained Warp Crystals in High On Life and bought the right one for you to be able to warp in items. Once at the right beacon you can use it by interacting with it and slotting it into your device on your arm from the inventory.

Our full list of the Warp Discs in High On Life goes over where you can find and use each one, so be sure to take a look through it to get a proper idea of where each one can be used. As mentioned, it can be quite confusing to get Warp Discs and not really understand where they can be used, but once you have an idea of how the system works, you won’t be struggling for too long.

And that covers how to use Warp Discs in High On Life. For more tutorials on how to complete objectives, check out our High On Life walkthrough for a ton more guides. You can also find our guide on High On Life Warp Discs and where to find them to find each and every one in the game.