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Where is Gene in High On Life’s Blim?

Are you wondering where is Gene in High On Life? This article will take you through where to find him in the starting city of Blim

High On Life Where Is Gene: Gene can be sen with Lizzie

Are you wondering where is Gene in High On Life? Spent far too much time looking around Blim to continue doing so. Let us talk you through exactly where he is and how to spot him.

Thankfully, you only have to find Gene once as for the rest of the game he spends the entire game sitting on your couch. So, finding him is only an issue early on as it prevents you from continuing to go through the High On Life missions taking down the bounty targets.

High On Life where is Gene?

Early on, in High On Life, Gene can be found in Blim, right outside the door of your house and to the left on a bench. He is the purple alien with multiple eyes.

You can see an image of him below, homeless on that bench:

High On Life where is Gene: Gene can be seen on a bench

Once you have found him, you can continue your way through the game, grabbing additional High On Life weapons and gaining High On Life money (Pesos) to upgrade those weapons. This is one of the earliest objectives and you will have much tougher challenges as you face the many High On Life bosses.

That covers where to find Gene in High On Life. If you are looking for more in-depth guides on those bosses we mentioned, be sure to check out our High On Life walkthrough which is packed full of useful information and tips to help you out.