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All the High On Life difficulty modes explained

Get an idea of each of the High On Life difficulty modes so you can figure out which one is for you before beginning your journey across space

High On Life Difficulty Modes: A large cartel boss can be seen

High On Life isn’t trying to be a hard shooter, but you can definitely give yourself a challenge by picking one of the High On Life difficulty modes that gives enemies more health and makes combat harder. But, to ensure you don’t end up picking a difficulty not right for you, we will run through each of them below.

The arcadey shooting in the game can take some time to get used to and with the variety of High On Life weapons here means that you will really need to get a feel for if the difficulty and challenge of combat are right for you. Luckily, no matter what you pick from the options below, you can change it from the options menu.

High On Life difficulty modes

High On Life has three difficulty modes overall, ranging from those experienced with shooters to new players to the genre.

  • Story difficulty
  • Normal difficulty
  • Hunter difficulty

Story difficulty is mostly for players who are just looking to get into High On Life’s story and meet all the characters in the game and hear the full High On Life voice actors and cast list. The Normal is sat in the middle, balancing the difficulty between hard and easy and making combat a challenge, but not overly taxing.

Finally, Hunter is aimed at skilled players of first-person shooters who are looking for a challenge from the combat of High On Life. This is not for the faint of heart and you may find yourself struggling in a number of fights as enemies hit harder and do more damage.

As for any kind of super duper hard High On Life difficulty modes, that doesn’t seem to be the case. So, instead, you will have to find the best fit for you in terms of what is here. For additional information about High On Life before jumping in check out our High On Life walkthrough which is packed full of guides.