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High On Life Epic Legendary Prize guide

Here's our guide on the High On Life Epic Legendary Prize achievement so you know which show you need to watch in your living room with Gene

High On Life Epic Legendary Prize: A character can be seen on screen

One of the many miscellaneous achievements in High On Life is for watching a countdown show for a few minutes. But what exactly is that show as there are a lot of them on the TVs throughout the game? Thankfully, we have nabbed the High On Life Epic Legendary Prize achievement ourselves and will save you time with a guide below.

This achievement can be obtained fairly early into your playthrough and doesn’t require much skill, or a lot of your time. Yes, you won’t have to get through the full length of High On Life. In fact, you won’t even need to complete many of the High On Life missions and bounties.

High On Life Epic Legendary Prize achievement guide

To get the High On Life Epic Legendary Prize achievement, you need to wait until Gene spends his whole time sat on the couch in your house. Once he is on the couch, you need to do the following:

  • Reset the checkpoint consistently and a new ad or show will play on the TV
  • Once you see a show with a robot talking, watch the full thing to get the achievement

That’s it! Yep, pretty easy, right? While Gene spends most of his time being a real nuisance and you have a chance to stab gene or not in High On Life, this is a moment where he does have a use. Although once you have got the achievement, you can choose to either let Gene leave or tell him to Stay in High On Life at a later story point. But, he grows on you, so maybe keep him around.

To get a video guide of what to do, you can check out this easy talk-through of how to earn this achievement with this guide from ‘UntilTammaro‘. You can also get a glimpse of the show so you know what to look for.

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That about covers how to get the High On Life Epic Legendary Prize achievement. As with most of the miscellaneous objectives in the list, this won’t take too much of your time overall. It is pure luck on what show you get though. For more tips and guides like this later in the game, check out our High On Life walkthrough and guides.