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High On Life what to do with Warp Crystals

Struggling to figure out just what to do with the crystals you keep picking up? Get an idea of what to do with Warp Crystals in High On Life

High On Life Warp Crystal Uses: Blorto can be seen

As you make your way across space you will slowly grab Warp Crystals which you can spend. But, it isn’t initially clear what you can do with them. Well, this guide will take you through what to do with Warp Crystals in High On Life.

There is only one core use of Warp Crystals in the game, but the use is important as it will drastically help with exploration late in the game and allow you to grab more of the High On Life weapons, gear, and items. You will have to get about halfway through the High On Life length and time to beat the game to be able to use them though.

What to do with Warp Crystals in High On Life

Warp Crystals can be taken to Blorto in Blim after you have met Clugg and beat Krubis in High On Life and beat Douglas in High On Life. They can be spent on Warp Drives which can be used to summon in fast-travel connecting points on the planets that allow you to travel between areas of the land easier.

These Warp Crystals are fairly common and can be found throughout the game as you are exploring and completing High On Life missions and bounties. While Warp Drives aren’t needed for much major story progression, they are key to being able to explore, open High On Life Luglox chests across the planets and earn money (Pesos) in High On Life.

So, it’s definitely worth grabbing some so that you can visit new areas and return to previous parts of a planet.

And that about covers what to do with Warp Crystals in High On Life. If you are looking for more help and tips as you play, check out our other guides in our High On Life walkthrough which rounds up our tips. Our guide on all the High On Life Warp Crystals locations will ensure you can get each and every one of them as well