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Monster Hunter Rise walkthrough, tips, guides, and more

Our Monster Hunter Rise walkthrough, tips, and guides will get you becoming Kamura Village’s best hunter in no time, so long as the monsters don’t scare you off

Monster Hunter Rise Walkthrough: A hunter can be seen fighting a monster

Whether this is your first experience with the Monster Hunter series or not, they can be a daunting experience. Fortunately for you, we have our Monster Hunter Rise walkthrough, which will help you start hunting in time.

The series is known for its larger than life monsters and difficult hunts that can last up to an hour, but if you are well-prepared and knowledgeable, it can be an exciting experience worth playing. If you can put the time into it, you’ll end up being one of Kamura Village’s best hunters, and that can be a great achievement.

Monster Hunter Rise walkthrough

Our Monster Hunter Rise walkthrough is filled with great guides to get you started, split into categories – general information, gameplay guides and item and material locations:

Monster Hunter Rise Walkthrough: The hunter, Palico, Palamute, and the Maidens can be seen

Monster Hunter Rise general guides and information

We’ve got a bunch of guides below that will give you some general information about Monster Hunter Rise before you start playing:

Monster Hunter Rise Walkthrough: Magnamalo can be seen

Monster Hunter Rise gameplay tips

The below selection of guides are what will help you when you finally start hunting, so make sure to take a look at them:

Monster Hunter Rise Walkthrough: Multiple hunters can be seen

Monster Hunter Rise item and material locations

This section focuses on specific items or materials that you need to grab and exactly where you can find them while playing the game:

That’s everything you’ll need to get started with our Monster Hunter Rise walkthrough. Hunts can be long, and monsters are very dangerous, but with our tips above, you’ll be turning them into your prey quickly. Just remember to bring your Palico and Palamute with you. If you are unsure about grabbing the game, look no further than our Monster Hunter Rise PS5 review to see if it is worth playing.