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Monster Hunter Rise Training Area and how to unlock

Practice makes perfect, and luckily, Kamura Village has the perfect spot for you - here’s how to unlock the Monster Hunter Rise Training Area

Monster Hunter Rise training area: The Buddy Plaza in Monster Hunter Rise

There are a total of 14 weapons in the latest game, and you’ll want to practise them in the Monster Hunter Rise Training Area if you’re hoping to put those to good use during hunts. However, when you first find yourself in Kamura Village, the Training Area is locked on the map.

You may play through some Monster Hunter Rise key quests and realise it still isn’t available. Don’t worry, you’re not doing anything wrong and it isn’t a bug. If you’re hoping to test out some of the best Monster Hunter Rise weapons, here’s how you can get access to the Training Area.

Monster Hunter Rise how to unlock Training Area

The Monster Hunter Rise Training Area can be found in the Buddy Plaza, which is located across the bridge to the right as you enter Kamura Village’s centre (or Steelworks, as it is called). Here’s the exact location of the training area below:

  • From the Village Entrance point of the map, head towards the centre of Kamura Village
  • When you are between Hinoa the Quest Maiden and Kagero the Merchant, take the path right towards the wooded area
  • As you approach the bridge, press A or X to ‘move’ to the next area
  • A cutscene will play, showing off the Buddy Plaza
  • Once the cutscene is over, turn around and head towards the river. Find the small boat and interact with it to go to the Training Area

Once you’ve gone to the Training Area for the first time, you’ll be able to access it (as well as the Buddy Plaza) from the ‘Move Around Village’ option in the settings. This is Monster Hunter Rise’s way of fast travelling around Kamura Village. The Training Area offers settings to change the Training Options, access the Item Box to change equipment, and change your Buddy’s skills and equipment too.

That’s how you can access the Monster Hunter Rise Training Area. It can be a bit hard to find your first time, but now you can go ahead and practise often. When you’ve found your favourite weapon, make sure to learn more about Monster Hunter Rise Switch Skills to help make any monster your prey and get some more help in our Monster Hunter Rise walkthrough.