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Monster Hunter Rise Switch Skills

Monster Hunter Rise Switch Skills are core to the combat experience, giving players the ability to customise these powerful special attacks for all weapons.

Monster Hunter Rise Switch Skills:A hunter can be seen using a Switch Skill

Switch Skills are customisable special moves unique to Monster Hunter Rise, with each weapon type having access to different Switch Skills that can be swapped out. If you’re wanting to know all the Monster Hunter Rise Switch Skills and how to unlock them, then you’ve come to the right place.

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Monster Hunter Rise Switch Skills

Monster Hunter Rise Switch Skills are powerful abilities that can be activated through specific button inputs, with the effect and use varying depending on the weapon type equipped. In the base game of Monster Hunter Rise, each weapon has three sets of two Switch Skills that can be unlocked and swapped between via an Item Box in Kamura Village.

Here are all the Monster Hunter Rise Switch Skills for each weapon available in the base game, split into each set:

  1. Tackle and Guard Tackle – Great Sword
  2. Hunting Edge and Adamant Charged Slash – Great Sword
  3. Rage Slash and True Charge Slash – Great Sword
  4. Soaring Kick and Silkbind Sakura Slash – Long Sword
  5. Spirit Roundslash Combo and Spirit Reckoning Combo – Long Sword
  6. Step Slash and Drawn Double Slash – Long Sword
  7. Advancing Slash and Sliding Slash – Sword and Shield
  8. Hard Basher Combo and Drill Slash Combo – Sword and Shield
  9. Metsu Shoryugeki and Windmill – Sword and Shield
  10. Demon Flight and Demon Flurry Rush – Dual Blades
  11. Demon Mode and Feral Demon Mode – Dual Blades
  12. Piercing Bind and Tower Vault – Dual Blades
  13. Dash Attack and Shield Charge – Lance
  14. Guard and Insta-Block – Lance
  15. Spiral Thrust and Anchor Rage – Lance
  16. Hail Cutter and Ground Splitter – Gunlance
  17. Charged Shelling and Blast Dash – Gunlance
  18. Guard Reload and Quick Reload – Gunlance
  19. Dash Breaker and Silkbind Spinning Bludgeon – Hammer
  20. Charge Switch: Courage and Charge Switch: Strength – Hammer
  21. Water Strike and Side Smash – Hammer
  22. Melody Mode: Echo and Melody Mode: Performance – Hunting Horn
  23. Earthshaker and Bead of Resonance – Hunting Horn
  24. Overhead Smash and Melodic Slap – Hunting Horn
  25. Invincible Gambit and Soaring Wyvern Blade – Switch Axe
  26. Forward Slash and Forward Overhead Slash – Switch Axe
  27. Finishing Discharge and Compressed Finishing Discharge – Switch Axe
  28. Condensed Element Slash and Condensed Spinning Slash – Charge Blade
  29. Morph Slash and Counter Morph Slash – Charge Blade
  30. Axe Hopper and Counter Peak Performance – Charge Blade
  31. Tornado Slash and Tetraseal Slash – Insect Glaive
  32. Leaping Slash and Advancing Roundslash – Insect Glaive
  33. Recall Kinsect and Diving Wyvern – Inspect Glaive
  34. Fanning Vault and Fanning Maneuver – Light Bowgun
  35. Quickstep Evade and Forward Dodge – Light Bowgun
  36. Reload and Elemental Reload – Light Bowgun
  37. Mech-Wyvernsnipe and Healing Mech-Wyvernsnipe – Heavy Bowgun
  38. Melee Attack and Tackle – Heavy Bowgun
  39. Counter Shot and Counter Charger – Heavy Bowgun
  40. Charging Sidestep and Dodgebolt – Bow
  41. Focus Shot and Aerial Aim – Bow
  42. Powershot and Absolute Power Shot – Bow

The Sunbreak expansion, which is currently only available on the Monster Hunter Rise PC and Switch versions, added additional Switch Skills alongside the Switch Skill Swap mechanic. Switch Skill Swap lets players assign Switch Skill loadouts and swap between them during combat, expanding upon the Switch Skill system with more customisation and moment-to-moment decision making.

How to unlock all Monster Hunter Rise Switch Skills

The first set of Switch Skills for each weapon is unlocked by Reaching Village Quest level 3 or Hub Quest level 2, the second set in unlocked through crafting or upgrading eight weapons of the same weapon type, and the third set of Switch Skill can be unlocked by completing the Hub Quest pertaining to the weapon type. For example, the relevant Great Sword quest is called Grasp the Great Sword, a Hub Rank 5 quest. On the other hand, the relevant Dual Blades quest is a Hub Rank 6 quest called Dissect the Dual Blades.

  • Hub Rank 4 Quests include the Sword & Shield, Switch Axe, Hunting Horn, and Light Bowgun
  • Hub Rank 5 Quests include the Great Sword, Lance, Hammer, Charge Blade, and Heavy Bowgun
  • Hub Rank 6 Quests include the Long Sword, Gunlance, Dual Blades, Insect Glaive, and Bow

Now that you know all the Monster Hunter Rise Switch Skills and how to unlock them, you’re ready to take on any monster that steps in your way. Well, almost any monster. Before taking on the hardest foes, take a look at our Monster Hunter Rise walkthrough for all things guides, tips, and more, and stop by the best Monster Hunter Rise weapons to make sure you’re well-equipped.