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Monster Hunter Rise layered armor and how to change it

If you’re wanting to show off your style, knowing all about Monster Hunter Rise layered armor and how to change it is a must for staying in the fashion game.

Monster Hunter Rise Layered Armor: A number of hunters can be seen

Layered armor is a great quality-of-life feature for Monster Hunter Rise players. It lets you maintain the stats and bonuses of a specific armor set, yet the appearance of a layered armour piece, thereby having both function and flair in your hunter’s appearance. If you want to take advantage of this, then you’ll be wanting to know more about Monster Hunter Rise layered armor and how to change it.

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Monster Hunter Rise layered armor and how to change it

Monster Hunter Rise layered armor is the game’s transmog system, allowing you to change your clothing appearance without changing the item itself, maintaining the stats and benefits of the armor beneath the layered armor. Layered armor can be earned via layered armour forging at the blacksmith in Kamura Village once you reach HR8 and complete the Monster Hunter Rise main storyline.

Do note that you’ll need Outfit Vouchers to be able to forge layered armour. These can be earned from completing High Rank hunts.

In terms of how to change layered armor in Monster Hunter Rise, you’re going to want to visit an Item Box in Kamura Village. These are the large chests located throughout the area that house all of your equipment and other useful features. For convenience, there is one in the centre of Kamura, near Hinoa the Quest Maiden and the blacksmith.

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