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Monster Hunter Rise best weapon to use

Some tools are better for the job, and you’ll need the greatest to take down the biggest monsters - here’s our Monster Hunter Rise best weapons list.

Monster Hunter Rise Best Weapon: A number of hunters can be seen with a monster

Even the best hunters know that a good weapon will make any hunt easier, and that’s why you’ll need to use some of the choices in our Monster Hunter Rise best weapons list. You’ll go face-to-face with some larger-than-life creatures in the hostile environments around Kamura Village, so bringing something strong will increase your odds of returning alive.

Of course, there are plenty of options to choose from in the Monster Hunter Rise weapons selection, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Fortunately, the Monster Hunter Rise Training Area is perfect for any player to test each and every option out. However, some are likely better options for most, and you’ll want to use one of them in your next hunt.

Monster Hunter Rise best weapon

Not every weapon can rise to the top, and our Monster Hunter Rise best weapons choices in the game:

  • Long Sword
  • Dual Blades
  • Switch Axe
  • Great Sword

Long Sword

Simple, yet worthy of testing out, the Long Sword is fast, fluid, and does great damage. While it isn’t the heaviest hitter in the game, it more than makes up for it thanks to the fact it can combo fairly easily, and is a good weapon for beginners and veterans of the series alike.

Monsters won’t see what’s coming as you land a flurry of attacks in style, with lots of flourish too. Its range is pretty good for a melee too, meaning you don’t have to get too close to those nasty claws. Long Swords also use a Spirit Gauge, allowing you to pull off Spirit Combos that deal increased damage.

Dual Blades

As quick as they are sharp, the Dual Blades are a beloved weapon for plenty of monster hunters. While it deals less damage than most, it epitomises the phrase ‘death by a thousand cuts’. This is a great choice for those loving to build up elemental status effects on their prey.

The Dual Blades’ special ability is Demon/Archdemon Mode, which gives you increased attack speed and damage, allowing you to further chain your Dual Blades hits.

Switch Axe

A personal favourite, the Switch Axe is able to, funnily enough, switch between an Axe and Sword modes on the fly. You can combo in and out of the Switch Axe’s two modes, building up the Switch Axe Gauge. Then, you can pull off an elemental discharge attack that deals incredible amounts of damage (and has certainly saved us some time during hunts).

While the Switch Axe is arguably the toughest to learn out of our best weapons list, it is a powerful weapon in the hands of a hunter who wants to practise with it.

Great Sword

They say slow and steady wins the race, and we assume that remains the same when you talk about monster hunting. The Great Sword prioritises damage over speed, meaning you won’t be able to get in and out of a monster’s range quickly, but you will be able to make them yell ‘ow’ a lot when you eventually close in.

The hardest part of using this weapon is making sure you get into the right place and follow through on your attacks, or you’ll be at a huge disadvantage. Take note of a monster’s weak points, however, and the hunt will be over quickly.

Those are our choices for the Monster Hunter Rise best weapons list. While a great weapon will help you early on, your best bet is taking time and learning each monster’s patterns. However, if you’re ready for the next hunt, take a look at the Monster Hunter Rise Key Quests to see which monster is next on your list. Our Monster Hunter Rise Walkthrough also has more guides to help you out.