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Monster Hunter Rise Machalite Ore locations

If you’re hoping to pick up some materials during your next hunt, here are all of the Monster Hunter Rise Machalite Ore locations.

Monster Hunter Rise Machalite Ore locations: Hunter standing next to a mining outcrop in Monster Hunter RIse

Early on in Monster Hunter Rise, making sure your weapons and armour are up to scratch against some vicious creatures is crucial, but you need the right resources. One of these resources is Monster Hunter Rise Machalite Ore, which can be found in plenty of early game areas. However, finding them may be a bit of a challenge.

It may be worth checking out some of the Monster Hunter Rise weapons before you head into your next hunt, to make sure it suits your play style. If not, you can always use the Monster Hunter Rise training area to test any of the 14 weapons to see if you like how it feels. However, if you’re ready to go find some materials, let’s get you some Machalite Ore in Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise Machalite Ore

Machalite Ore in Monster Hunter World can be found in Blue and White Mining Outcrops in Flooded Forest, Sandy Plains, and Lava Caverns at Low Rank. If you want the exact Monster Hunter Rise Machalite Ore locations, you can find them below.

For the sake of clarity, we’re focusing on the Blue Mining Outcrops since you’re more likely to get Machalite Ore from these. You can also find Machalite Ore in High Rank, but it is much easier in the Low Rank missions.

Flooded Forest Machalite Ore location

There are a total of eight Blue Mining Outcrops in the Flooded Forest. Here are the exact locations below:

Monster Hunter Rise all Machalite Ore locations in Flooded Forest

Sandy Plains Machalite Ore location

There are six Blue Mining Outcrops in Sandy Plains. Here are their exact locations on our map below:

Monster Hunter Rise Machalite Ore locations in Sandy Plains

Lava Caverns Machalite Ore location

Finally, you can find a total of 16 Blue Mining Outcrops in Lava Caverns, making it the best place to collect Machalite Ore. For the exact locations, look at our map below:

You may also find Machalite Ore as a Monster Reward during Low Rank Basarios hunts. While this will towards collecting this resource, we advise against doing this, as collecting them in the above locations is much easier.

That’s every Monster Hunter Rise Machalite Ore location so you can get to crafting or upgrading your gear. You should use our Monster Hunter Rise best weapons list to see what you should use your Machalite Ore on, or for those looking at their next hunts, check out the Monster Hunter Rise Key Quests to see what is up next.