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All Monster Hunter Rise weapons

Defeating challenging monsters requires the right tools for the job, and all of the Monster Hunter Rise weapons are definitely worth trying out

Monster Hunter Rise weapons list: Hunter aiming a bow at monsters in rampage quest

If you hope to have a chance of not only surviving, but beating some of the most dangerous creatures in gaming, then you’ll need to find your favourite weapon out of the full Monster Hunter Rise weapons list. Each of the weapons in the game has a special ability, as well as a different playstyle to learn, so finding which works best for you and your hunter friends can make a huge difference.

That’s because the world surrounding Kamura Village is very dangerous, and all of the Monster Hunter Rise monsters offer a challenging time for those unprepared. If you don’t spend time learning the weapons below in the Monster Hunter Rise Training Area, you’ll likely find the game difficult. Regardless, we’re going to go into detail about each weapon you’ll find in the latest game in the Monster Hunter series.

Monster Hunter Rise weapons

Here are all of the weapons that can be used in Monster Hunter Rise, as well as their gameplay-style:

  • Great Sword – Slow, but packs a lot of damage
  • Long Sword – Long reach and fluid combos
  • Sword and Shield – Fast combos with the ability to guard and use items while protected
  • Dual Blades – Fast and furious for plenty of combos
  • Switch Axe – Sword-axe hybrid that can be switched on the fly
  • Charge Blade – Can switch between Sword and Shield and Axe, but is difficult to master. Highest damage in the game
  • Hammer – Slow, but with high blunt damage. Best for knocking out monsters
  • Hunting Horn – Support weapon that provides plenty of buffs for yourself and your hunting party
  • Lance – Long ranged weapon perfect for finding and exploiting a monster’s weakpoints
  • Gunlance – Defensive weapon that requires you to keep away from monsters and evade often
  • Insect Glaive – High mobility weapon that utilises Kinsects to provide buffs during hunts. Hard to master, but offers great evasions when you learn it
  • Bow – Using coatings instead of ammo to provide elemental damage, with decent speed and damage
  • Light Bowgun – Different ammunition types for a variety of different elemental effects. Great speed and range
  • Heavy Bowgun – Similar to the Light Bowgun, but offers higher damage at the cost of a slower speed.

While there are a few options above that could make it on the Monster Hunter Rise best weapons list, you can spend time with each weapon to see which one works best for you. Some may be great picks all around, but it is better to find one that suits your playstyle when hunting monsters.

You start with a basic version of all 14 weapons in your Item Box, so feel free to try each of them to see how they work and feel. After that, you can start upgrading them by using Monster Hunter Rise weapon trees, with each upgrade of weapons offering a variety of strengths.

That’s every Monster Hunter Rise weapon you’ll be able to hunt those dangerous monsters with. Make sure to check out the Monster Hunter Rise key quests to see what’s next to do in Kamura Village and more in our Monster Hunter Rise walkthrough. And as you progress through the game, you’ll need to learn about Monster Hunter Rise Switch Skills to put those weapons to good use.