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Monster Hunter Rise Wisplanterns locations

Monster Hunter Rise Wisplanterns are a valuable resource, rewarding lots of Kamura Points, and required for the Cultural Exchange request.

Monster Hunter Rise Wisplanterns: a hunter can be seen fighting a monster

Wisplanterns are a valuable resource you can acquire in Monster Hunter Rise, and are even required for certain quests, including the Cultural Exchange request that gates progress to upgrade the Argosy submarine. Wisplanterns can be a little tricky to find though. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with the Monster Hunter Rise Wisplantern locations.

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Monster Hunter Rise Wisplanterns locations

Monster Hunter Rise Wisplanterns can only be found in the Shrine Ruins map at Shimmering Red Berries resource nodes, which can grant rare Wisplanterns among other resources. To find Wisplanterns, you can use the in-game map to track special items, such as the Shimmering Red Berries locations that drop Wisplanterns.

The Monster Hunter Rise Wisplanterns locations can be seen in the map below, marked by the orange icons signifying a Shimmering Red Berry resource node:

Monster Hunter Rise Wisplanterns locations: A map showing the location of Wisplanterns found at Shimmering Red Berries nodes in the Shrine Ruins map.

There are several Shimmering Red Berries resource nodes that drop Wisplanterns located in the Shrine Ruins, though most nodes are located to the north of the map around areas 9, 10, and 13.

Don’t be startled if you collect Wisplanterns and can’t find them in your inventory, however. Since Wisplanterns are Account Items, they are automatically converted into Kamura Points. Nevertheless, it will still be considered as progress for certain quests and requests, such as the Cultural Exchange request tasking you with harvesting three Wisplanterns.

That’s all you need to know to find the troublesome Monster Hunter Rise Wisplanterns locations. If you’re looking for Wisplanterns to complete the Monster Hunter Rise Cultural Exchange request, then we have a guide for that too and more in our Monster Hunter Rise walkthrough.