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Monster Hunter Rise voice actors and cast

There’s plenty of recognisable voices in the Monster Hunter Rise voice actors and cast list, including some from other games and anime.

Monster Hunter Rise voice actors and cast: The colourful cast of characters celebrating, including Yomogi the Chef.

The Monster Hunter series has long had a colourful cast of characters introduced with each new instalment, and Monster Hunter Rise is no different. Therefore, if you’re wondering who’s who in the Monster Hunter voice actors and cast, keep reading. We can help you put a pin in that annoying feeling of hearing an unknown, yet strangely familiar voice. We’ll include both English and Japanese voice actors for you, so you’re covered whichever language you choose.

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Monster Hunter Rise voice actors and cast

Here are the Monster Hunter Rise voice actors and cast that you’ll encounter during your monster-slaying adventure:

  • Buddy Handler Iori – Kyle McCarley (ENG) and Natsuki Hanae (JP)
  • Fugen the Elder – Chris Tergliafera (ENG) and Takaya Hashi (JP)
  • Guild Master Hojo – Lucien Dodge (ENG) and Kenichi Ogata (JP)
  • Hamon the Blacksmith – Daman Mills (ENG) and Mugihito (JP)
  • Hinoa the Quest Maiden – Maureen Price (ENG) and Rina Sato (JP)
  • Kagero the Merchant – Todd Haberkorn (ENG) and Yuichiro Umehara (JP)
  • Komitsu the Sweettooth – Laura Stahl (ENG) and Misaki Kuno (JP)
  • Master Utsushi – Brandon James Winckler (ENG) and Kisho Taniyama (JP)
  • Minoto the Hub Maiden – Heather Gonzalez (ENG) and Shizuka Itō (JP)
  • Rondine the Trader – Katelyn Gault (ENG) and Yui Ogura (JP)
  • Yomogi the Chef – Erika Harlacher (ENG) and Kana Asumi (JP)

Chances are, you’ll recognise several of these voices from elsewhere. For instance, Kyle McCarley and Natsuki Hanae, the English and Japanese voice actors for Buddy Hander Iori respectively, both voiced 9S in NieR Automata. What’s more, Natsuki Hanae is also the Japanese voice actor for Tanjiro in Demon Slayer. There are also several voices you may recognise from Genshin Impact, such as Yuichiro Umehara voicing Alhaitham in Japanese, Laura Stahl voicing Barbara and Xinyan in English, and Misaki Kuno providing the voice for Klee in Japanese.

That’s all the Monster Hunter Rise voice actors and cast for the friendly crew helping you on your monster hunting journey. Be sure to check out our Monster Hunter Rise walkthrough for all things guides, tips, and more. Otherwise, stop by the best Monster Hunter Rise weapons and our Monster Hunter Rise monsters list for all you need to know to take down the hardest monsters in Kamura.