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Monster Hunter Rise multiplayer - how to join friends

If you’re confused on how to join friends and play Monster Hunter Rise multiplayer, we’ve got you covered so you can hunt the deadliest monsters with allies.

Monster Hunter Rise multiplayer: A group of hunters teaming up to defeat a tough monster together.

The Monster Hunter series has always been a blast to play alongside friends and fellow hunters, teaming up to take down some of the biggest and baddest monsters around. As such, you’ll be wanting to know all about Monster Hunter Rise multiplayer and how to join friends so you can start hunting monsters as a pack.

If you’re looking to hop into Monster Hunter Rise, then it’s best to have some trusty hunter’s manuals by your side, not just fellow hunters. Firstly, you can find out about Monster Hunter Rise on Game Pass and Monster Hunter Rise crossplay details so you’re in the know on how to get stuck into your next monster-hunting adventure with friends on different platforms. Having a handy bestiary is also a top priority, so be sure to check out the Monster Hunter Rise monsters list for all the details on the monsters you’ll be felling next.

Monster Hunter Rise multiplayer – how to join friends

There are several different ways to join friends and play Monster Hunter Rise multiplayer, from Gathering Hub quests, to local and online lobbies with friends, and even online lobbies with random players. The most direct method of initiating Monster Hunter Rise multiplayer and how to play with friends is to use the lobby system. To do this, speak to Senri the Mailman, the cat at the bottom of the stairs in the central plaza.

  • Use the Friend List to send invites to specific players to join your lobby. Monster Hunter Rise will automatically pull from your friends list on your platform of choice.
  • Choose Play Online or Play Locally to create a lobby. If you create an online lobby, anyone will be able to join unless a passcode is set.
  • To find an online lobby, select Play Online and then Find Lobby. This will search through all public lobbies and allow you to join the group.

Whether playing with randoms or friends, there are a few steps to playing a hunt together. If you don’t follow these, you’ll end up playing a hunt by yourself despite being in a group with friends and other players. To begin a Monster Hunter Rise multiplayer quest, follow these steps:

  • To start a quest and hunt together, begin a Gathering Hub quest by speaking to Minoto the Hub Maiden in the Gathering Hub area.
  • The lobby members will be able to join through the Quest Board inside the Gathering Hub, near Minoto.
  • Alternatively, you can send a Join Request during a mission in progress to invite players not currently in your lobby into the hunt.

Now you’re fully equipped to enjoy Monster Hunter Rise multiplayer now you know how to invite friends and play online. This is a great feature if you’re struggling with defeating certain monsters, though it’s important to remember that Gathering Hub quests are more challenging than Village Quests to account for the multiplayer aspect. Don’t drop your guard or you’ll be dead in no time.

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