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Monster Hunter Rise Affinity explained

The Monster Hunter series is never ashamed to throw a lot of numbers and words at you. For those confused, here is Monster Hunter Rise Affinity explained

Monster Hunter Rise Affinity: Multiple hunters can be seen fighting

When it comes to the Monster Hunter series of games, there are plenty of weird and strange terminologies that most newcomers are likely confused by, and one of those in the latest game is the Monster Hunter Rise Affinity system.

Don’t worry about things in Monster Hunter Rise throwing you off. For those who prefer simply going on hunts and killing monsters fast, you can check out the best Monster Hunter Rise weapons list, or if you’re focused on the story, you can see our Monster Hunter Rise Key quests list. But at some point, you may want to know what Affinity even is.

Monster Hunter Rise Affinity

Affinity is Monster Hunter Rise’s version of a critical chance when attacking. A positive Affinity is how likely you are to land a critical hit, while a negative Affinity indicates a higher chance of landing weak hits. A critical hit means you will deal 25% more damage when you land your strike, whereas a weak hit means you’ll deal 25% less damage than an average hit.

It’s worth noting that Affinity only helps or negates the critical hit chance of raw damage and not elemental damage. You can raise your Affinity by equipping certain decorations (which is in Monster Hunter Rise High Rank), using the Ramp-Up feature to apply an Affinity boost with Rampage Skills, or using Endemic Life that raises your Affinity.

That’s everything you need to know about the Monster Hunter Rise Affinity system. It should make a bit more sense now, so you can be more prepared when you take on all of the Monster Hunter Rise monsters. Prepare yourself even more by checking out our Monster Hunter Rise walkthrough for all of the guides you’ll need.