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All Monster Hunter Rise Hub Quests

Are you looking for a list of all the Monster Hunter Rise hub quests? Here is each one that you can take on either alone or with friends

Monster Hunter Rise Hub Quests: The Gathering Hub can be seen

The Gathering Hub is an alternate set of quests in Monster Hunter Rise that allow you to team up with friends and play together. These quests are separate from the main story in the game, as well as the core village missions. But, keeping track of them all and knowing what is coming up isn’t an easy task, so we have compiled them all below with a list of the Monster Hunter Rise Hub Quests.

To take on some of the Monster Hunter Rise High Rank quests and even some of the tougher fights within this list, you and your friends will need to prep. To do so, it is key to to find the best Monster Hunter Rise weapon for you and also get familiar with all aspects of the game, including the Monster Hunter Rise Switch Skills.

Monster Hunter Rise Hub Quests

Here are all the key Monster Hunter Rise Hub quests, split into the star rating of them:

  • Shady Monster – Hunt an Aknosom (1 star)
  • Tired And Feathered – Hunt a Kulu-Ya-Ku (1 star)
  • No Cure For The Common Baggi – Hunt a Great Baggi (1 star)
  • Jumped In The Frost Lands – Hunt a Great Izuchi (1 star)
  • A Snowball’s Chance… – Hunt a Lagombi (1 star)
  • Wroggi Place, Wroggi Time – Hunt a Great Wroggi (1 star)
  • Dead Ringer – Hunt a Tetranadon (2 star)
  • I Want Off This Ride – Hunt a Bishaten (2 star)
  • Way Of The Pukei – Hunt A Pukei-Pukei (2 star)
  • So Muddy Hardheaded! – Hunt a Barroth (2 star)
  • The Flooding Flooded Forest – Hunt a Royal Ludroth (2 star)
  • The Path To Royalty – Hunt a Rathian (2 star)
  • A Pale Shadow – Hunt a Khezu (2 star)
  • Reinventing The Wheel – Hunt a Volvidon (2 star)
  • Hellfire – Hunt a Magnamlo (3 star)
  • Beckoning Slumber – Hunt a Somnacanth (3 star)
  • Zigzagging Zapper – Hunt a Tobi-Kadachi (3 star)
  • The Blizzard Blender – Hunt a Goss Harag (3 star)
  • Down ‘n’ Dirty – Hunt an Almudron (3 star)
  • Twilit Twin Stars – Hunt a Nargacuga (3 star)
  • Bully Of The Caverns – Hunt an Anjanath (3 star)
  • My Muse The Mizutsune – Hunt a Mizutsune (3 star)
  • Champion Of The Caverns – Hunt a Rathalos (3 star)
  • White Knight vs. Hunter – Hunt a Barioth (3 star)
  • Wavering Moon And Thunder – Hunt a Zinogre (3 star)
  • A Few Bumps Along The Way – Hunt a Diablos (3 star)
  • A Friend In Need – Hunt a Tigrex (3 star)
  • The Blue Apex – Hunt an Apex Arzuros (4 star)
  • Didn’t Get The Memo – Hunt a Great Baggi (4 star)
  • Divine Comedy – Hunt an Arzuros and Kulu-Ya-Ku (4 star)
  • The Swirling Gale – Hunt a Great Izuchi (4 star)
  • Night of the Khezu – Hunt a Khezu (4 star)
  • Dancing A-purr-ition – Hunt a Aknosom (4 star)
  • Even Cute Things Have Fangs – Hunt a Lagombi (4 star)
  • The Frost Islands Arena – Hunt a Tetranadon (4 star)
  • The Restless Swamp – Hunt a Jyuratodus (5 star)
  • Charmed By A Queen – Hunt a Rathian (5 star)
  • Rotten Fruit – Hunt a Bishaten (5 star)
  • Go Away, Pukei! – Hunt a Pukei-Pukei (5 star)
  • Miner Problem – Hunt a Basarios (5 star)
  • Rise Above The Mud – Hunt a Barroth (5 star)
  • Bowled Over – Hunt a Volvidon (5 star)
  • Foul Play In The Forest – Hunt a Royal Ludroth (5 star)
  • A Bewitching Dance – Hunt a Mizutsune (6 star)
  • Red Skies At Night – Hunt a Rathalos (6 star)
  • Skies Are Grey – Hunt a Tobi-Kadachi (6 star)
  • Closer Than It Appears – Hunt a Anjanath (6 star)
  • The Abyss Stares Back – Hunt a Nargacuga (6 star)
  • Sharpening Amber Fangs – Hunt a Barioth (6 star)
  • Skies Flash, Clouds Boom – Hunt a Zinogre (6 star)
  • A Somniferous Elegy – Hunt a Somnacanth (6 star)
  • Can’t Kill It With Fire – Hunt a Rakna-Kadaki (7 star)
  • Evil Afoot – Hunt a Rajang (7 star)
  • A Muddy Invitation – Hunt a Almudron (7 star)
  • Chad In Hellfire – Hunt a Magnamalo (7 star)
  • A Resounding Roar – Hunt a Tigrex (7 star)
  • It’s Gonna Get You! – Hunt a Goss Harag (7 star)
  • Subterranean Distubrances – Hunt a Diablos (7 star)

That covers the full list of the Monster Hunter Rise Hub Quests. There are more here than key quests for the Village so you will have a lot to keep you busy with your friends. For more help in partying up, check out our guide on Monster Hunter Rise multiplayer and our other guides in our Monster Hunter Rise walkthrough article.