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All Monster Hunter Rise Village Quests

Get an idea of all the Monster Hunter Rise Village Quests that you can jump into as you progress through the main linear path while you play

Monster Hunter Rise Village Quests: Magnamalo can be seen

Generally, the first thing you will do in Monster Hunter Rise is tackling some of the core quests that appear in the village. But, there are a fair few of them and figuring out what each of them is, which monsters you need to kill, and which materials you need to find ahead of time isn’t possible. So, we will run through the here below in our list of all the Monster Hunter Rise Village Quests.

In this guide, we will go through all of them that you unlock as you make your way through the main story, level up your gear, equip Monster Hunter Rise layered armor, and find the best Monster Hunter Rise weapon for you. Each one is divided into low-rank and high-rank quests, with the latter being much tougher.

Monster Hunter Rise Village Quests

The full list of Monster Hunter Rise Village Quests is as follows:

  • Back To Bascis (1 star)
  • Impious Peons – Slay 8 Jagras (1 star)
  • Fungal Frustrations – Deliver 8 unique mushrooms (1 star)
  • Roly-Poly Lanterns – Deliver 8 Firelanterns (1 star)
  • Great Izuchi, Great Pain – Hunt a Great Izuchi (2 star)
  • Grizzly Glutton – Hunt an Arzuros (2 star)
  • Plump and Juicy – Deliver 10 Raftshells (2 star)
  • A Frosty Paradise – Slay 10 Baggi (2 star)
  • Out Cold – Hunt a Great Baggi (2 star)
  • Rabid Rabbit – Hunt a Lagombi (2 star)
  • Feathered Frenzy – Hunt an Aknosom (3 star)
  • The Rampage Approaches – Defend the final gate (3 star)
  • Can’t Stomach The Thought – Hunt a Tetranadon (3 star)
  • Walking On Eggshells – Hunt a Julu-Ya-Ku (3 star)
  • Fightin’ Dirty – Hunt a Barroth (3 star)
  • Obnoxious Lord, Noxious Monster – Hunt a Great Wroggi (3 star)
  • Spongy Oasis – Hunt A Royal Ludroth (3 star)
  • Monkey Wrench In Your Plans – Hunt A Bishaten (4 star)
  • Infernal Lacrimosa – Hunt a Somnacanth (4 star)
  • Raging White-Out – Hunt a Barioth (4 star)
  • A Song Of Red And Fire – Hunt a Volvidon (4 star)
  • Streaking Shadow – Hunt a Tobi-Kadachi (4 star)
  • The Queen’s Procession – Hunt a Rathian (4 star)
  • Off Your Rocker – Hunt a Basarios (4 star)
  • Comeuppance – Hunt Magnamalo (5 star)
  • Electrifying Ephiphany – Hunt a Zinogre (5 star)
  • Wind Speed Wyvern – Hunt a Nargacuga (5 star)
  • Nocturnal Tracker – Hunt an Anjanath (5 star)
  • Rathalos Alert – Hunt a Rathalos (5 star)
  • Waltzing By Moonlight – Hunt a Mizutsune (5 star)
  • Hermit Of The Swamp – Hunt An Almudron (6 star)

These are all of the core key quests you need to do in the village to fully progress everything. There are in addition to these hunts and collection quests, a bunch of optional quests as well. These are not mandatory, but they are worth going after for new items, unlocks, or just to get some experience fighting more monsters. They optional quests in the village are:

  • Help With Maintenance – Slay 8 Izuchi (1 star)
  • Hmm, Not So Tasty… – Deliver 3 Popo Tongues (2 star)
  • Case Of The Creepy Crawlies – Slay a total of 14 Altaroth or Bnahabra (2 star)
  • The Cactus Diet – Deliver 10 Bauble Cactus (3 star)
  • Faceless Foe – Hunt a Khezu (3 star)
  • Supply Run – Deliver 6 classic Dango ingredients (3 star)
  • A Sandy Cabal – Slay a total of 14 Jaggi or Jaggia (3 star)
  • Ladies Of The Lake – Slay 10 Ludroth (3 star)
  • Breath of the Past – Deliver 10 Simple Prisms (3 star)
  • A Poisonous Project – Hunt a Pukei-Pukei (4 star)
  • Getting Back The Groceries – Deliver 6 Secret Dango ingredients (4 star)
  • Deliver The Liver – Deliver 5 Monster Guts (4 star)
  • Third Wheel – Hunt all target monsters in the mission (4 star)
  • The Best Quest – Slay 10 Rachnoid (4 star)
  • So Hot, It Melts Iron – Deliver 12 pieces of Coal (4 star)
  • The Secret Ingredient – Capture a Somnacanth (5 star)
  • Nosey Nuisances – Hunt a Kulu-Ya-Ku and an Anjanath (5 star)
  • BZZZZZZ or ZZZZzzzz – Hunt a Somnacanth and a Khezu (5 star)
  • The Hottest Around – Hunt a Volvidon and a Tetranadon (5 star)
  • Abominable Snow-Beast – Hunt a Goss-Harag (6 star)
  • Twisted Desire – Hunt a Diablos (6 star)
  • Thundering Voice – Hunt a Tigrex (6 star)
  • Like A Flash Of Lighting – Hunt a Tobi-Kadachi and a Mizutsune (6 star)
  • A Test Of Courage – Hunt Magnamalo and a Zinogre (6 star)
  • King Of The Sky, Bane Of The Land – Hunt a Rathalos and a Tigrex (6 star)

That covers all the Monster Hunter Rise Village Quests. As you can see there are quite a few of them so you better get your gear upgraded. For more on the game, check out our other guides in our Monster Hunter Rise walkthrough which cover how Monster Hunter Rise Affinity works, which is key to taking on some of these monsters.