Far Cry 6 walkthrough, guides, tips, and tricks

Find out all you need to know about Far Cry 6 in our walkthrough featuring a bunch of guides and tips

Anton and Diego can be seen in Far Cry 6's keyart standing alongside one another.

Far Cry 6 has finally hit out shelves, and if you’ve not had time to play it already, it is a solid yet familiar entry in the series that features yet another thrilling story and lots of content. With unique weapons to acquire, Roosters to collect, and a roster of Amigos to accompany you, there is more than enough action to keep you busy.

To enable you to liberate Yara from Castillo’s grip, we have compiled a library of collectible locations, resource guides, tips for how to make the most of your arsenal, and much more. This should help you become the most powerful guerrilla in Yara and help build up your army as you progress through the game.

Read on to see our Far Cry 6 walkthrough, with guides on how to fully liberate Yara and complete and collect everything while you are on your mission to do so.

Far Cry 6 Walkthrough

Here you can find our guide on Far Cry 6, including some of the best weapons, all the Unique Weapon locations, treasure hunt guides, a detailed overview of the Amigos companions, and more:

So there’s a load of information to help you on your quest to complete Far Cry 6.

If you’re wondering whether the game is for you, check out our Far Cry 6 review, and remember that the journey isn’t over when you complete the game, as there is free DLC and the paid Become The Villain expansions for your to sink your teeth into too.