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Far Cry 6 character creation and custozisation options

Everything you need to know about Far Cry 6's character creation and customization options before diving in.

Dani Rojas can be seen in the game's key art.

Far Cry 6 serves up a pretty intriguing line-up of new characters for you to meet. However, Far Cry 6 changes things up from its predecessor and that can throw you off if you were expecting more similarities.

In Far Cry 5, you could change your face, hair, skin tone, and your clothes before you joined the community to pick a fight against Joseph Seed and his cult. While it didn’t play a huge part in the general experience, it was a neat little addition that fans came to love.

But, in Far Cry 6, things are a little bit different. Here’s everything you need to know about Far Cry 6 character creation and character customization.

Far Cry 6 character creation

Far Cry 6 does not feature character creation. Instead, you only have the option to choose between the male or female version of protagonist Dani Rojas in the opening of the game.

That’s right, the character creation of Far Cry 5 has been removed almost entirely, giving you only two options to frame your journey.

Far Cry 6 character customization: The female Dani Rojas can be seen pictured in the game's key art.

Far Cry 6 character customization

While there isn’t character creation anymore, Far Cry 6 does feature character customization. This lets you swap out items of armor over time.

However, character customization isn’t purely cosmetic in Far Cry 6. Instead, each piece of gear Dani owns has its own stats and mods which affect gameplay. The game also includes a transmog system so you can switch the look of your gear without affecting the mods equipped.

That covers Far Cry 6’s character creation and character customization offerings. For more details on Far Cry 6’s systems, check out our Far Cry 6 Amigos companions guide. Also, we have a ton more guides in our Far Cry 6 walkthrough.