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Far Cry 6 Supremo backpacks – all abilities, powers, and features

All of the Far Cry 6 Supremo backpacks and their abilities

Dani Rojas can be seen running into a fight, aiming his weapon, with the female Dani using her Supremo backpack in the corner.

Far Cry 6 has a lot of systems that interlock and can be upgraded. One of the most powerful new additions to the franchise with Far Cry 6 is the Supremo backpacks. These backpacks offer strong combat abilities and weapons that can change how you play or take you from struggling to complete a mission to absolutely devastating Antón Castillo’s forces.

The Supremo backpacks are unlocked throughout the game as you make your way through Yara, collect Depleted Uranium, and spend it at one of Juan’s Arms Dealers. We now know of all seven Supremos in Far Cry 6, which offer a diverse range of abilities and perks that will shake up combat in unique ways.

Read on through this guide to learn more about Far Cry 6’s Supremo backpacks and their abilities and powers that you can make use of.

Far Cry 6 Supremo Backpack Abilities

These are the confirmed Far Cry 6 Supremo backpacks we know about so far:

Far Cry 6 Supremo backpacks: The Exterminador Supremo as shown in the menu.


The Exterminador is one of the more powerful Supremo backpacks from an offensive perspective. Its ability allows you to spew rockets from the backpack itself, absolutely devastating the space in front of you. It will be a vital tool for taking down any vehicles or large groups of enemies.

Far Cry 6 Supremo backpacks: The Fantasma Supremo backpack as shown in the menu.


The Fantasma is capable of causing unparalleled destruction in Yara. Its ‘Venom Salvo’ ability is incredibly strong as it will launch poison gas onto the battlefield that turns enemies against one another. It is both a great stealth tool and a way to stay out of the action, letting enemies deal the damage for you.

Far Cry 6 Supremo backpacks: The Volta Supremo backpack as shown in the menu.


Volta is a disruptive Supremo backpack that emits an EMP charge when activated. This charge will stun enemies around you and also take down any alarms, security systems, and technology in the area. It even has the potential to disable vehicles.

Far Cry 6 Supremo backpacks: The Furioso as shown in the menu.



Furioso is an offensive, crowd-control focused Supremo. The Fuego Loco ability that comes with it will cause you to emit an explosive ring around you that roasts enemies. This backpack also allows you to thrust forward in mid-air if you press the jump button. If you are overwhelmed or taking on enemies that are much tougher than you, this backpack is a good choice.

Far Cry 6 Supremo backpacks: The Medico Supremo in the menu.



The Mèdico backpack is your primary support Supremo within Far Cry 6. The Medico Supremo will grant you the ability Zona Medicina, which allows you to self-revive and rapidly heal yourself and nearby allies over time. This bonus means it is a vital tool for when you decide to engage in co-op.

Far Cry 6 Supremo backpacks: The Gladiador Supremo in the menu


The Gladiador Supremo is the choice for you if you want to create mayhem. This Supremo comes with the ‘Juice Injector’ ability which will cause Dani to enter a state of rage, boosting their health and speed. You are also able to rapidly defeat foes with melee, thanks to more powerful machete attacks.

Far Cry 6 Supremo backpacks: The Triador Supremo in the menu.


The Triador Supremo is the most powerful Supremo in the game thanks to the ability ‘Truesight’, which allows you to mark enemies in cover. In addition, if you are using the La Varita Resolver Weapon, you are able to shoot through walls when this Supremo is active. The Supremo isn’t found in a traditional way and we have a guide on how to get the Triador Supremo in Far Cry 6.

As mentioned, this is one of a number of features within the game. If you are looking for more detailed guides check out the Far Cry 6 best weapons list, a detailed guide on all the Far Cry 6 Amigos companions and even more tips in our Far Cry 6 walkthrough.

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