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Far Cry 6 how to get the Triador Supremo for your arsenal

Wondering how to get the Triador Supremo in Far Cry 6? We have the exact location and path you need to take

Far Cry 6 how to get the Triador Supremo: The Triador Supremo as seen in the menu.

Playing Far Cry 6 and wondering how to get the Triador Supremo? Well you’re not alone. Instead of wandering the streets of Yara trying to find the exact location, let us help you with the exact Triador Supremo location.

The Triador Supremo is the rarest and most prestigious Supremo backpack in the game and it is absolutely worth grabbing. It grants you some incredibly powerful abilities like being able to mark enemies in cover. It’ll even allow you to shoot through walls and objects when you’ve got the La Varita Resolver Weapon equipped.

Finding the backpack can be fairly tricky though, so if you’re tired of searching with no avail, sit back, relax, and let us help. Here’s everything we know about the backpack, including the exact Triador Supremo location and what path you’ll need to take to find it in Far Cry 6.

How To Get The Triador Supremo?

The Triador Supremo can be found by completing the operation Triador Blessings, which requires you to find all the Triada Relics. You can find all of the Triador Relic locations in Yara with our handy guide.

Once you have collected all the Triador Relics and completed the Triador Blessings operation, you will be gifted the La Varita Resolver Weapon, alongside the powerful Triador Supremo which is key for taking on the end-game in Far Cry 6.

That covers how to get Far Cry 6’s Triador Supremo. For more guides and tips on where to find items in the game, check out our Far Cry 6 walkthrough.