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Far Cry 6 Oluso location - where to find Oluso?

Want to know the Far Cry 6 Oluso location? Here is where you can find the most secretive Amigo

Far Cry 6 Oluso Location: Oluso can be seen in the game menu.

One of Far Cry 6‘s more ferocious Amigos companions is the formidable and mythical Oluso. But, he isn’t easily found like most of the other Amigos in the game. You will have to go on a bit of a hunt across Yara’s three regions to find Oluso.

Oluso is one of the stronger companions in the game and as such ranks very highly in our Far Cry 6 Amigos companions tier list, so adding him to your resistance forces is a decision you should take early on, especially if you plan to take on some of the stronger outposts and bases in the game.

This guide will touch on where to find Oluso in Far Cry 6 and give you the Oluso location, so you can track him down by completing the Triada Blessings operation and finding all the Triada Relic locations scattered throughout Yara.

Far Cry 6 Oluso Location

You can find Oluso in Far Cry 6 by completing the Triada Blessings operation and collecting all three Triada Relics scattered across Yara. You can see all the Triada Relic locations here.

After you complete the quest, you will be granted a number of pieces of powerful gear, including the Oluso Amigo which you can add to your Amigos companions roster.

That covers the hardest to find Amigo companion in Far Cry 6. For guides like our Far Cry 6 Oluso location, be sure to check out our thorough Far Cry 6 walkthrough.