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Far Cry 6 co-op campaign - everything you need to know about multiplayer

We spill the details on everything we know about the Far Cry 6 co-op campaign

Dani and a companion stands looking at something in the boot of a car.

Far Cry 6 once again features a full co-op campaign, allowing you to explore Yara with a buddy from the start of Dani Rojas’ journey until the end. Very little was revealed about how Far Cry 6 co-op will work ahead of release, but now that we have spent some time with the game, we know a lot more about how Far Cry 6’s co-op campaign is set up.

Multiplayer has been a mainstay for the series ever since Far Cry 3, although the feature has slowly been implemented into the main campaign to a greater degree with every new entry. Far Cry 5 allowed for full drop-in, drop-out co-op for the first time in the series and that is the same for Far Cry 6.

If you’re looking for more information on how you’ll be able to play Ubisoft’s open-world game with a friend, read on. Here’s everything we know about the Far Cry 6 co-op campaign.


Far Cry 6 co-op Campaign

Far Cry 6’s co-op campaign will allow you to play the full main storyline and all the side content with a friend. Co-op is enabled from the end of the mission “Du or Die” which is one of the first quests in the game.

Much like Far Cry 5, the multiplayer will be fully drop-in, drop-out meaning that you can hop into a friend’s game whenever you want and leave when it suits you. Your inventory and Guerrilla Experience will carry with you throughout sessions.

On top of the entire campaign, you can play Special Operations, which are separate missions tailored for co-op.

You can also adjust options like turning off or on friendly fire. While playing you will be restricted in where you can move, though, as you will need to stay relatively close to the other player.

Co-op can be launched from the game’s main menu or options screen by clicking the player icon in the top right. You can play with either a friend or a random player.

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