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Far Cry 6 Chorizo location - where to find Chorizo?

Looking for your next companion? Here is the Far Cry 6 Chorizo location

Far Cry 6: Chorizo location: Chorizo can be seen standing outside a storage unit.

Far Cry 6 has a number of companions, but by far the most loveable of the bunch is Chorizo. This adorable dog can be your best friend in a fight, helping divert the attention of enemies, allowing you to sneak up behind them and perform a stealth kill or shuffle on past them without ever being noticed.

Chorizo is one of the earliest companions you have access to, but he isn’t the easiest to find if you happen to spend your time in El Este or Valle De Oro during the early portions of the story. We have compiled a helpful guide showing where to find him and his Yaran Story quest line within the Madrugada region in Yara.

Read on for the exact Chorizo location within Far Cry 6, so you can add him to your Amigo companion lineup, alongside other Amigos like Boom Boom and Chicharron.

Far Cry 6 Chorizo location

In order to find Chorizo in Far Cry 6, you will need to head to the Montero Farm, which is your main base in Madrugada, and complete the Yaran Stories ‘Who’s A Good Boy’ and ‘Fetch Quest’.

Far Cry 6: Chorizo location: Chorizo is sitting by his kennel in Montero Farm as Dani walks by him.

You will have to visit this location during the main story so it is unmissable. Chorizo will be sat by his kennel on the northern side of the farm. Complete both of these Yaran Stories to add him to your Amigos Companions lineup.

That covers Chorizo’s location in Far Cry 6. For a Far Cry 6 amigos companions tier list be sure to check out our guide and also look through our Far Cry 6 walkthrough for more tips on the game.