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Far Cry 6 Bandido Operations explained - overview of Los Bandidos

Get an overview of Far Cry 6 Bandido Operation, a unique text-adventure you can take part in for extra goodies.

Far Cry 6 Bandidos Operations: Dani can be seen on the phone talking to someone, while a helicopter is flying towards her from behind.

One of the big features of Far Cry 6 is the Bandido Operations, which are text-adventure mini-games that can be played from any of your main base camps. These operations reward you with weapons, crafting materials, currency, and more and can be done in the background while you are exploring Yara.

Bandido Operations have a number of unique features, including leaders with their own abilities and time-gating which prevents you from completing Bandido Operations back to back and reaping the rewards from them too quickly. As they are time-gated, you can take on Bandido Operations and then go back to hunting down some of the unique weapon locations found across Yara or finding Depleted Uranium for Resolver Weapons and Supremos.

Far Cry 6 Bandido Operations explained

Far Cry 6’s Bandido Operations can be accessed from any Los Bandidos board in one of the three regions of the game: Madrugada, Valle De Oro, and El Este.

Once you access the board, you can then choose which Operation you want to complete. Each Operation will require a certain number of Los Bandidos recruits, which can be earned by saving hostages around Yara. You will also need to wait a period of time after accepting the Operation to be able to complete it. This can range from a few minutes to hours.

Once an Operation does eventually unlock, you will then have to complete three stages, making three choices by selecting different options from a variety of scenarios presented to you. Within these scenarios, you can either choose to resolve the issues in various ways or use your chosen Leader’s skills to complete them. Choosing each option will grant you various rewards but can come at the cost of potentially failing the step or the Operation as a whole, or even losing some of your Los Bandidos recruits.

Far Cry 6 Bandidos Operations: The menu can be seen which showcases the Bandido Operations available.

Once all three steps have been completed, you will then get the final reward. Initially, you only start with one Bandido Operation slot, but this can be increased to eight as you complete more Operations. You can also unlock more Los Bandidos leaders by completing various Operations and Yaran Stories across the country.

These Operations don’t have any effect on the wider world of Far Cry 6, but they are a neat addition that helps you earn more rewards in the background as you play.

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