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Dying Light 2 walkthrough: collectibles, tips, and guides

Our Dying Light 2 walkthrough is the perfect resource and will help you take on all the threats which come after Aiden in Villedor

Dying Light 2 walkthrough: Aiden can be seen using a zombie to break his fall after jumping off of a tower.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human is here after years of delays and a lot of waiting from the series’ community. The sequel has been vastly expanded from the first game with a focus on player choices, multiple endings, a larger open world with more to do and tons of collectibles and unique pieces of gear to find.

With the game being so big it can be hard to keep track of Inhibitors, collectible remnants from life before the apocalypse, and which skills you should work towards purchasing first. But, we have spent dozens of hours with everything Villedor has to offer and managed to get a good idea of the best items in the game and where some of the secrets are hiding.

This Dying Light 2 walkthrough will have all you need to excel in the game and provide you with some valuable tips the game doesn’t always tell you.

Dying Light 2 Walkthrough

Below you can find all of our extensive guides for Dying Light 2 so you can survive the nights in Villedor:

That covers everything we have for Dying Light 2. The game is a gigantic RPG, and if you want to do everything you will need to playthrough the game multiple times to get all the unique endings and experience different quests.

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