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Dying Light 2 best crafting items

Looking for the best crafting items in Dying Light 2? Here are a couple of key blueprints you should purchase from a Craftmaster early in the game

Dying Light 2 Best Crafting Items: Multiple humans can be seen dragging a person into safety from Infected, using UV lights.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human expands your arsenal beyond the traditional melee weapons with a number of gear and pieces of equipment which can be crafted, ranging from mines and explosives to inhalers that give you temporary boosts.

Most of these items are crafted and can be obtained by finding blueprints in the world upon completing activities and quests or purchasing them from Craftmasters in settlements like The Bazaar and the Fish Eye Canteen. But, there are lot and each come with their own different rarity which can make figuring out where to invest you resources tricky.

However, despite the abundance of choice their are some key blueprints you should buy early on that will both boost you offensively and defensively. Some can be found early on, but you will have to wait till the second half of the game to get some of these. Below you will find our picks when it comes to Dying Light 2’s best crafting items for your arsenal.

Dying Light 2 Best Crafting Items

Here are our five choices for the best Dying Light 2 crafting items:

  • Regeneration Booster
  • Molotov
  • Immunity Booster
  • Remote C4
  • Boomstick

Dying Light 2 Best Crafting Items: A Volatile can be seen on a wall.

Regeneration Booster

Of course, one of the key blueprints you should buy early on is the Regeneration Booster. While the medkit is handy, it takes a long time to heal you and the regeneration booster provides a burst of healing over time.

Once purchased, you should also upgrade this at a Craftmaster to ensure you are able to heal more efficiently. You can upgrade it a total of eight times, so putting resources into the Regeneration Booster to get it at least halfway to that maximum is a worthwhile decision. In fact it makes the list in our rundown of Dying Light 2 crafting tips.


Molotovs are pretty plentiful in the world, but these throwables are incredibly handy as they leave Infected and humans screaming as they uncontrollably burn to death, giving you the time to land some hits or escape a precarious situation.

They are great at controlling the combat space and capable of taking down large groups of Infected which often pack closely around one another as you fight them.

Immunity Booster

Much like the Regeneration Booster, the Immunity Booster is one of the most useful consumables in the game. Taking a hit of this inhaler will stop Aiden from keeling over and dying and reset your immunity clock, which is particularly handy when exploring indoor areas for loot or large buildings without UV lights.

You can find more than enough of these in the world, but having the blueprint available is useful, just in case you find yourself in a tough situation, such as when exploring a chemical area, which drastically cuts your immunity period.

Dying Light 2 Best Crafting Items: Sophie can be seen holding a crossbow at Aiden.

Remote C4

Infected and humans can easily pack up around you in combat as you get into the final act of the game and there is no better way to deal with them than with an explosion.

The Remote C4 can clear out an entire space in front of you or get a few Infected off of your tail when thrown behind you. And, while not unlocked until the later parts of Dying Light 2’s story, the Remote C4 is one of the best crafting items to have in your pocket.


The Boomstick is a powerful, unique ranged weapon which is the only ranged weapon that isn’t a part of your regular arsenal.

When pulled out this weapon can land a impressive, powerful shot on a foe that has the potential to eat into a boss’ health bar or solve the problem of how to kill a Volatile in Dying Light 2. Ammo will use up a lot of resources, so only pull it out when most needed, but not having it in your back pocket would be a grave mistake.

That covers our picks for the best crafting items in Dying Light 2. You will find some of these around the game’s many locations and buildings, but having more on hand is always a bonus. For more help with Dying Light 2’s many RPG systems, check out our Dying Light 2 walkthrough, which has our collection of guides to help you out.