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Dying Light 2 best blueprints – the ones you need to buy

Looking for the best blueprints in Dying Light 2 to create the best inventory items? Here are some key items and upgraded blueprints you should work towards

Dying Light 2 Best Blueprints: Aiden can be seen jumping towards an enemy.

Dying Light 2 changes up the blueprint system fairly significantly when compared to the first game. Instead of finding blueprints for everything and anything, blueprints are mostly reserved for inventory items and consumables. These cover things from grenades, mines, utility items, to boosters, and health regeneration items.

But, while some of the best crafting items do cross over with the best blueprints in Dying Light 2, there are also some other blueprints that are worth purchasing early on. Blueprints allow you to remain flexible in combat and deviate from the traditional melee and ranged combat Dying Light offers. While some of them are useful, a few of the best blueprints are very situational, such as the throwing knives which should only really be used for stealth.

What are the Dying Light 2 best blueprints then? Well, we have a few recommendations that you should try and purchase as soon as you get the chance to explore the open world of Villedor.

Here are the Dying Light 2 best blueprints:

  • Lockpick
  • Throwing Knife
  • Molotov
  • Remote C4
  • Boomstick

Dying Light 2 Best Blueprints: The Butcher can be seen looking at Aiden, flanked by two guards.


Listen, I know what you are all thinking, of course Lockpicks are one of the best Blueprints. However, after acquiring this blueprint, you should upgrade it as quickly as you can as it will make crafting them more efficient.

By having lockpicks you will be able to access high-tier loot and stronger consumables form locked rooms and chests throughout Villedor.

Throwing Knife

As mentioned above, the throwing knife is one of the better tools to have if you are opting for a stealth playthrough. They allow you to quickly kill enemies with a takedown once you unlock the relevant skill, which can help when exploring buildings during the day and night.

However, you don’t want to throw these and use them as weapons, because they don’t do very much damage.


Another great tool for combat is the Molotov, which can help control large groups of Infected and humans that are packed together.

You will also want to upgrade these so they deal more damage and the fire from them lasts longer.

Dying Light 2 Best Blueprints: Aiden can be seen holding a weapon as an enemy is swinging at him.

Remote C4

The Remote C4 is the best explosive you can find in Dying Light 2 and is capable of completely devastating groups of Infected. It is also great for taking on bosses.

You will need to wait till the second half of the game to get access to it, but once you have it, crafting the explosives is key to survival in tougher fights.


The Boomstick is one of the only ranged weapons that isn’t a part of your typical arsenal. Delivery a powerful punch with each shot, the Boomstick should be reserved for bosses.

Crafting ammo for the Boomstick costs a lot, but it is a vital weapon that will save you in a pinch.

That covers our picks of the best blueprints for Dying Light 2’s crafting system. For more help with which choices to make in the game’s story, check out our Dying Light 2 walkthrough which is filled with guides.