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How to invite friends in Dying Light 2

Want to know how to invite friends in Dying Light 2? Well, don't spend your time hunting for itin the game's menu, just check out this handy guide

Dying Light 2 How To Invite Friends: A enemy can be seen attacking Aiden.

Looking to play with friends in Dying Light 2? A ton of the fun in Techland’s series comes from being able to parkour alongside your friends and slay dozens of zombies together.

With combat options and parkour possibilities expanded in the sequel there is a lot more variety in terms of what you can do with your friends. You can use the traps set around Villedor by Peacekeepers to become zombie slayers who use nothing but the environment around them. Or, if you just want to glide around with your friends that is also a option, utilising the traversal options the Survivors give you.

But, accessing the multiplayer side of Dying Light 2 isn’t obvious and instead of a traditional lobby, the menus are tucked away in the screen which shows your inventory, skills, and more. So, if you want to know how to invite friends in Dying Light 2, continue reading for a step by step guide.

How To Invite Friends In Dying Light 2

These are the steps to invite your friends in Dying Light 2:

  • Head to the Inventory menu
  • Select the Online menu
  • Choose ‘Online options’ and change the settings to ‘Friends only’, which will allow your friends to join
  • Select one of the empty slots and choose which friend you want to invite from your console or PC menu
  • Once they have joined, you can start playing together

Although it is tucked away, once you know where to find it, inviting your friends in Dying Light 2 is a pretty easy process.

While playing multiplayer, your fear and weapons you earn, alongside your money, will all carry over to your own game. However, your own quest progress and any choices you make will not transfer to your game and you will need to repeat them.

While it isn’t a completely seamless online experience with your friends, you can still experience a lot of Dying Light 2 together. On top of that, if you are looking for information on Dying Light 2 crossplay, we have to give you the sad news and tell you that it isn’t available at launch.