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Dying Light 2 choices - which ones will change the game?

Looking to know which Dying Light 2 choices affect the end of the game? Here's how you can shape the campaign's conclusion.

Dying Light 2 choices: Juan and Sophie can be seen in the Bazaar.

By now, you are probably more than aware that the choices you make in Dying Light 2 will shape how your ending looks. The game’s narrative isn’t set in stone and can be manipulated at some key moments.

If you are looking for more information on all of the Dying Light 2 endings, you will have to factor in that the choices you make during the game will also change the way in which Villedor is left at the end of the game – especially if you decide to side with one of the Dying Light 2 Factions.

The majority of Dying Light 2’s choices will shape events across the whole game, rather than solely the ending. As they say, ‘it’s about the journey, not the destination’. To find out which choices affect the end of the game in Dying Light 2, and how, read on. Heed our warning though: there will be spoilers, so if you don’t want us to shape the outcome of your game, close this tab right now and head back to Villedor.

Which choices affect the end of the game in Dying Light 2?

There are several key choices that can affect the end of the game in Dying Light 2. They are:

  • Whether or not you side with the Peacekeepers of the Survivors in Old Villedor during the battle of the Bazaar
  • Your betrayal or loyalty to the Peacekeepers in Old Villedor
  • Whether or not you decide to help Jack Matt and the Peacekeepers in the Central Loop
  • Whether or not you decide to stick by the Survivors and Frank in the Central Loop
  • Who you give control of the broadcast tower to
  • Whether or not you decide to chase after the Renegade truck or help Frank
  • Whether you decide to lower the water surrounding the Renegades’ stronghold or work with The Butcher and keep the water raised
  • Who you decide to save during the final mission in the game

Some of these choices make larger differences than others and some can link in with other choices in this list. A few may also be cancelled out by subsequent decisions.

However, by the end of the game this will shape how Villedor is run and the way it looks.

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