Dying Light 2 Factions system explained – how to gain favour with each of the groups

Here we explain the Dying Light 2 factions system and touch on all three of the groups within Villedor

Dying Light 2 Factions System Explained: Three characters stand in a large room looking at the player.

Dying Light 2 adds a robust and deep factions system to the open-world survival action game. These three factions, known as the Peacekeepers, the Renegades, and the Survivors, all play a role in the city of Villedor and can grow in influence or be wiped off the map depending on your actions and decisions throughout the game.

This is one of the major gameplay innovations coming to Dying Light 2 and the Factions are one of the features that will make the game feel more alive, according to Techland. Who you chose to align with can also affect the ending of Dying Light 2. Since the game’s announcement, we have learned a lot about all three of these groups and now that we have played the game we know more.

But what are the motives and views of these three Factions in Dying Light 2? How will their roles within Villedor affect your abilities and the people within the city? Read on to see the Dying Light 2 Factions system explained in detail.

Dying Light 2 Factions System Explained

Dying Light 2’s Factions system allows you to align yourself with any of the three groups to various degrees. Your decisions in missions, who you decide to help more, and who you provide with valuable information or resources will determine which faction you gain favour with.

Once those decisions have been made and you install the different factions to installations, like the Water Tower and Electrical Power Stations, they will drop new equipment and gear around the town.

If you hand installations to the Peacekeepers, Villedor will change with more traps, such as car bombs. If you hand those facilities to the Survivors you will be given more traversal opportunities, such as jump pads and ziplines.

Larger consequences can also be felt, such as characters from Factions dying and Factions having conflict based off of your betrayal or choice to align with another.

Dying Light 2 Factions System Explained: Three characters stand in a large room looking at the player.


The Peacekeepers are a stringent, military faction within Villedor and pride themselves on being able to install law and order in the areas they have control over.

Their force and power means they are often feared by the people of the city and have sometimes harsh methods of ruling.

Dying Light 2 Faction System Explained: Sophie and Juan can be seen talking to Aiden.


The Survivors are made up of regular citizens who utilise the environment around them to stay alive.

They are the most peaceful and friendly of the three groups, but they have less power and weaponry than the other factions in Dying Light 2.

Dying Light 2 Factions System Explained: Three characters stand in a large room looking at the player.


The Renegades are scroungers and former prisoners who have broken free after the apocalypse. They follow their leader and often wear metal plates, fencing, and armor, and wield blades while looting and reeking havoc on the city streets.

That explains the Dying Light 2 Factions system. Stay tuned for more details about the game as we get closer to its February launch.