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Dying Light 2 Military Tech - where to find the airdrops?

Looking for the incredibly valuable Dying Light 2 Military Tech? Here is where you can find them in the two areas you can explore in Villedor

Dying Light 2 Military Tech: The crate, holding the military tech can be seen

Dying Light 2 has a number of different resources and materials which can be used to make some of the best Dying Light 2 crafting items in the game. These items are vital to expanding your arsenal and broadening your combat opportunities.

However, Military Tech is slightly different. Instead of the resource being used for Dying Light 2’s best blueprints, they are used to upgrade your Nightrunner Tools, which range from the enhanced traversal on offer with the Paraglider to the GRE Detector which unveils Inhibitor Locations in Dying Light 2. If you are looking for Dying Light 2  Nightrunner Tools, we have a guide covering that.

But where can you find Dying Light 2 Military Tech? Well, after spending dozens of hours in Villedor we know exactly what activities you need to do to get as many Military Tech resources as you can.

Where to find Dying Light 2 Military Tech?

Dying Light 2’s Military Tech can be found inside crates at Airdrops scattered around the map in both Old Villedor and the Central Loop.

These airdrops can be found across the game’s two maps and appear as question marks on the map. You won’t know if the activity is a Airdrop until you get close to it, but you can generally find them on hills or at the top of skyscrapers.

Once you open the airdrop, you will be able to use your GRE Access Key to open an interior compartment of the airdrop, which will contain the Military Tech.

Dying Light 2 Military Tech: Aiden can be seen using the GRE Access Key on an airdrop.

These can be found across both areas of the game, so be sure to explore them fully to upgrade all of your Nightrunner Tools.

A number of other resources are also worth going after, but if you are looking for more help at discovering some of the other activities in the game, check out our Dying Light 2 walkthrough which is filled with tips.