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Dying Light 2 paraglider: how to unlock

Want to find out how to unlock the paraglider in Dying Light 2? Don't worry, we'll tell where to look out for it when exploring Villedor

Dying Light 2 Unlock the Paraglider: the player paraglides across the world in Dying Light 2 from Techland

Seven years after the original, Dying Light 2 has made its way into our hands. It involves some good old fashion zombie/infected killing as standard, but one of the things Dying Light became known for was its parkour, which allowed you to niftily jump, dodge, and dive your way to safety.

Dying Light 2’s world is, however, much bigger than the first game’s city of Harran. As such, you might be wondering whether your tired little legs should have to carry you everywhere, or whether there is a faster, more fun, and frankly cooler way to get around. And there is: the glider.

While it has been seen in trailers, we have all the information on how to unlock the glider in Dying Light 2, how it can be utilised, and where you can obtain it. Plummeting from the sky only to whip out the glider last minute and slickly drop to the ground has never felt so good.

Dying Light 2: how to unlock the paraglider

Dying Light 2’s Paraglider is unlocked during the ‘A Place To Call Home’ story quest once you reach the Central Loop.

The paraglider is one of six total Nightrunner Tools obtained throughout Dying Light 2’s story. You must first complete the ‘Let’s Waltz!’ campaign quest. Then, upon reaching the Central Loop during the start of the subsequent story mission named ‘A Place to Call Home’, the paraglider will be unlocked automatically.

At the start of the quest, you will need to speak with Lawan, who then gives you the paraglider as a part of the mission. The paraglider can also be upgraded twice at a Craftmaster to allow you to unlock new features, which are the ability to glide upwards and the ability to boost speed while paragliding.

Once obtained, the paraglider becomes an intrinsic part of your equipment, and you do not need to equip it. Simply jump from a building and then hold the prompted button to pull it out for use. Be aware that the paraglider does, in fact, decrease your stamina as you use it, and once you run out, you will lose control over it.

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