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Dying Light 2 best gear - how to find the best gear for your playstyle

Looking for the best gear in Dying Light 2? Well, gear and armour pieces don't work in a traditional way, but there are some signs to look out for

Dying Light 2 Best Gear: An enemy can be seen with some pieces of armor on.

Dying Light 2: Staying Human revamps how gear and armour is utilised when it comes to boosting your strength and stats, adding a lot of choice and variation in the process.

Dying Light 2’s gear is split into multiple sets, with each one focusing on how you want to specialise. They could help you with tanking damage, dealing damage from range, healing and boosting your survivability, and much more. On top of that, most gear pieces can be found at different rarities, whether it be rare, unique, or artifact level. Because of this system, there aren’t necessarily specific pieces of gear that you should keep an eye out for.

However, there are some considerations you can make when it comes to finding Dying Light 2’s best gear and armour pieces. We’ve spent hours learning the new gear system in-game, so read on for an overview of what you should be taking note of when you find yourself a new piece of gear.

Dying Light 2 Best Gear

Dying Light 2’s best gear is always the yellow Artifact tier, whether it be headwear, gloves, chest pieces, bracers, joggers, or footwear. However, it’s not one size fits all, and the best gear for you will be the one that fits your playstyle in Dying Light 2.

If you prefer playing from a distance, then you will want to equip gear that is for a Ranger. However for those who prefer tanking damage or up close combat, the Tank and Brawler specialisations should be your focus.

Paying attention to which stats are increased will also help you choose the best gear that fits your playstyle. And, if you are sticking to one specialisation, stat comparisons will be shown in the menu, saving you having to swap between them.

Another thing to take into account is how many bonuses are on offer with the gear of your choice. If you find a new piece of gear with more stat bonuses, and greater increases in those stats, then it may be worth changing your loadout, even if one or two stats are decreased slightly.

Dying Light 2 Best Gear: A Survivor can be seen alongside two other people.

Finally, it might be worth waiting until you beat the game to specialise and find the best gear. You can easily beat the game without paying too much attention to the gear system and in the post-game stronger gear will spawn from night-time looting events, activities, and in chests.

Those are just some of the things you should take into account when looking for the best gear in Dying Light 2. For more, check out our collection of guides and more in our Dying Light 2 walkthrough with more on the game.