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Dying Light 2 best skills for parkour and combat

Looking for the best Dying Light 2 skills? Here are choices for where you should spend your points in both the Parkour and Combat trees

Dying Light 2 Best Skills: Aiden can be seen kicking an enemy.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human is absolutely packed with skills to purchase that enhance both your parkour and combat capabilities. These skills cover everything from melee weapons and ranged weapons, to improving the ability to climb and reach new places, which will get you around Villedor much faster than if you were parkouring without them.

While there are more than 40 skills to choose from in Dying Light 2, there are a few key purchases you should be making early on to ensure you are able to survive in combat or traverse across Villedor more efficiently.

So, which combat and parkour skills should you be purchasing as soon as you get stuck into the open world of Villedor in Dying Light 2? Well, read on for our suggestions for some of Dying Light 2’s best skills across its skill trees so you can focus on unlocking them first and foremost.

Dying Light 2 Best Skills

Here are our eight picks for the best Dying Light 2 skills to buy:

  • Dropkick
  • Perfect Parry
  • Power Attack
  • Perfect Dodge
  • Firm Grip
  • Active Landing
  • Sleek Runner
  • Far Jump

Dying Light 2 Best Skills: Aiden can be seen hitting a Renegade with the butt of his weapon.


Dropkick is one of the most fun skills in the game. It allows you to run and jump at an enemy and then dropkick them off a building or into a hazard.

Alongside being incredibly satisfying to pull off, it is incredibly useful once you reach the Central Loop, thanks to the tall buildings. With Dropkick, you can dispatch an enemy quickly as they fall off of a rooftop or building. You can also easily kick enemies into one another with this skill.

Perfect Parry

The Perfect Parry combat skill is key to surviving combat encounters with humans. Hitting the parry button just as an attack is about to land will stun your foes and allow you to land a number of devastating blows with your melee weapon.

Melee fights, especially towards the end of the game, become very hard without this upgrade and its best to learn the parry window timing early, before you start facing some of the bigger threats in Villedor.

Power Attack

The Power Attack skill isn’t incredibly vital, but definitely useful once you get into the tougher encounters around a third of the way through Dying Light 2’s campaign.

It will allow you to pull off a devastating heavy attack that deals more damage and can interrupt enemies. It is quite useful against mini-bosses and strong against Infected as it can knock them down to the ground and leave them immobile for a few seconds.

Perfect Dodge

The final best skill in the combat tree you should buy early on in Dying Light 2 is the Perfect Dodge skill. This will stagger enemies if you dodge at the perfect time when they are attacking.

Dodging successfully will leave them vulnerable and the following upgrades for the skill allow you to push enemies away from you as the attack and eventually throw them quite a distance (including off of buildings).

Dying Light 2 Best Skills: Aiden can be seen jumping down to a lower level with Hakon in front of him.

Firm Grip

One of the struggles you will come across early in the game is running out of stamina. The Firm Grip skill alleviates this somewhat by allowing you to make one final jump up to a ledge when out of stamina.

This will help keep you off the ground, falling from a height, and also allows you to catch yourself when you jump to a ledge from a great height. The upgrades for this skill enhance it even further allowing you to climb ledges faster and eventually jump between them while climbing upwards.

Active Landing

The Active Landing skill is another vital Parkour choice. Softening your fall from a height, this skill will stop you from being stunned as you drop to the ground.

Its upgrades are also just as strong, boosting the height you can fall from without taking damage and eventually letting you perform a jump as soon as you hit the ground, keeping your movement chain up.

Sleek Runner

The Sleek Runner skill is one you will most likely be drawn to when looking for the best skills in Dying Light 2’s menu. It allows you to squeeze through tricky obstacles easily, such as diving over boards or weaving through gaps.

You unlock more experience towards new parkour skills by pulling off moves as you are traversing and this skill is key to maximising your experience gain as you will find tons of obstacles while exploring the city.

Far Jump

Far Jump rounds out a stellar selection of early skills to purchase for the Parkour tree. Allowing you to jump further thanks to a boost off of obstacles, this skill will help you cross larger gaps and also keep to the rooftops more.

Its upgraded version is even better, giving you an even larger boost of momentum allowing you to clear entire stories of buildings with just one jump.

That covers which skills you should be purchasing early in the game. For more on Dying Light 2, check out our Dying Light 2 walkthrough with more guides and tips.