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Dying Light 2 skill tree - every move for combat and parkour

Looking for the full Dying Light 2 skill tree? Here is every skill you can unlock for both the combat and prakour

Dying Light 2 Skill Tree: An Infected can be seen jumping towards Aiden.

The original Dying Light’s skill trees were known for helping flesh out the game’s combat and parkour and with Dying Light 2 that has only been enhanced with more varied skills across both aspects of the game.

The full skill trees cover everything from giving you the ability to slide, to allowing you to block projectiles, to enhancing your climbing abilities, and more. However, some of these skills are found quite a way down the skill trees so you will need to make a few purchases before you can unlock them.

While this article will cover the two Dying Light 2 skill trees: one for Parkour Skills and one for Combat Skills, there are some skills you will want to try and purchase early. For Dying Light 2’s best skills check out our guide covering the eight skills you should try and buy as soon as possible.

Dying Light 2 Skills Trees

As mentioned, Dying Light 2 has two skill trees. The combat tree focuses on enhancing your abilities in melee and ranged fights, while also improving evasion.

The Parkour tree is all about getting you around Villedor easier and maintaining your chain of movements.

Dying light 2 Combat Skill Tree

There are 24 skills in the Combat Skill Tree in Dying Light 2. They are as follows:

  • Vault Kick – Jump over staggered enemies and follow up with a kick
  • Air Kick – When dropping onto enemies from above, nail them with a power kick
  • Vault Power Kick – Add force to your Vault Kick and send enemies flying (Air Kick, 140 health required)
  • Head Stomp – Headstomp enemies that lay on the ground (140 health, Vault Power Kick skill required)
  • Dropkick – Perform a powerful kick while jumping (180 health required)
  • Perfect Dodge – Dodge at just the right time to stagger your enemy
  • Grapple – use the momentum of attacking enemies to throw them to the side (140 health, Perfect Dodge skill required)
  • Grapple Throw – Increase the momentum of enemies thrown with Grapple to knock them to the ground. (180 health, Grapple skill required)
  • Power Attack – Perform a power attack that deals more damage, interrupts enemy attacks and blocks (120 health required)
  • Windmill – Perform a powerful attack that hits all enemies around you (160 health, Power Attack skill required)
  • Ground Pound – Perform a powerful attack while in mid-air (160 health, Power Attack skill required)
  • Perfect Parry – Perform a perfect block to stagger your enemy for longer and trigger a slo-mo effect (120 health required)
  • Block Projectiles – Block incoming projectiles like knives and arrows (!60 health, Perfect parry required)
  • Deflect Projectiles – Deflect an incoming projectile and send it back to your attacker (240 health, Block Projectiles skill required)
  • Block Charge – When blocking, charge at an enemy in front of you and knock them to the ground (160 health, Perfect Parry skill required)
  • Stab – Quickly take down an unaware enemy (160 health required)
  • Stab Followup – Automatically throw a knife at another enemy after performing Stab (200 health, Stab skill required)
  • Ledge Takedown – Quickly take down enemies by pulling them down from a ledge (240 health, Stab Followup skill required)
  • Smash – Smash enemy hands while dropping onto them from above (200 health required)
  • Smash Jump – Perform a jump right after Smash, giving you the opportunity to follow-up with another aerial attack (240 health, Smash skill required)
  • Precise Aiming – Increase your aim with all ranged weapons (160 health required)
  • Power Shot – Adds piercing and bonus damage to all ranged weapon shots (200 health, Precise Aiming skill required)
  • Serial Shot – Allows you to fire up to 3 projectiles at the same time (240 health, Power Shot skill required)
  • Parkour Shot – Gain the ability to use ranged weapons while parkouring (220 health, Precise Aiming skill required)

Dying Light 2 Parkour Skill Tree

There are also 24 skills in the Dying Light 2 Parkour skill tree. Here are all of them:

  • High Jump – Allows you to jump higher and reach higher ledges
  • Firm Grip – Make the last climb on ledges even when your stamina is gone and allows you to maintain your grip when jumping from heights
  • Fast Climb – Move faster on ledges when moving up and to either side (140 stamina, Firm Grip skill required)
  • Ledge Jump – Jump while climbing on ledges to get higher more quickly (200 stamina, Fast Climb skill required)
  • Active Landing – Reduce fall damage and keep your momentum
  • Safe Landing – Increases the height from which you can land without taking any damage (140 stamina, Active Landing skill required)
  • Landing Jump – Jump instantly from an Active Landing (200 stamina, Safe Landing skill required)
  • Sleek Runner – Increase your speed while navigating tricky obstacles like slopes, balance boards, climbing pipes, wall openings, etc. (120 stamina required)
  • Slide – Slide while running to pass through low holes in walls and other passages (160 stamina, Sleek Runner skill required)
  • Slide Jump – Perform a jump directly from a slide without losing any momentum (200 stamina, Slide skill required)
  • Stealth Movement – Increase your overall speed and mobility while sneaking. Gain the ability to perform a crouch jump (160 stamina, Sleek Runner skill required)
  • Crowd Runner – Run through a group of enemies without losing any momentum and lowering the damage you recieve (160 stamina, Sleek Runner required)
  • Far Jump – Use any obstacle to spring from it and jump further (120 stamina required)
  • Double Jump – Reach even greater heights while jumping off obstacles (160 stamina, Far Jump skill required)
  • Rotate Jump – Turn 180 degrees during a jump (200 stamina, Double Jump skill required)
  • Dart – Temporarily increases you movement speed, which allows you to cross wider gaps, reach higher ledges, or run longer on walls (140 stamina required)
  • Dash – Dash for as long as your stamina lasts (180 stamina, Dart skill required)
  • Afterboost – Gain a brief burst of speed after performing specific parkour moves (240 stamina, Dash skill required)
  • Energy Jump – Jump off enemies while in Dart/Dash (180 stamina, Dart skill required)
  • Bash – Bash through obstacles and enemies without stopping (200 stamina, Dart skill required)
  • Tic Tac – Run alongside vertical surfaces (160 stamina, High Jump skill required)
  • Wall Run – Run upwards on vertical surfaces (200 stamina, Tic Tac skill required)
  • Wall Run Jump – Jump up while performing a wall run (240 stamina, Wall Run skill required)
  • Wall Combo – Combine tic tacs or wall runs into longer combos (260 stamina, Tic Tac skill required)

So there you have it, all the Dying Light 2 skill trees. If you want more help with the game, check out our Dying Light 2 walkthrough or tips covering the best weapons and best crafting items.