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Rainbow Six Extraction walkthrough - tips, best loadouts, guides, and more

Looking for a Rainbow Six Extraction walkthrough with tips, guides, and loadouts for each Operator? Here are a collection of handy guides

Rainbow Six Extraction Walkthrough: Two operators can be seen looking at something off screen.

Rainbow Six Extraction is here we’ve been ploughing our way through the game, looking for any tips and tricks to help you through some of the tougher Incursions in the quarantine zones throughout the United States.

With guidance on things like cross-play, how each and every operator works in the game, details on the endgame, and hints on where to find the game’s many collectibles and challenges, we’ve got everything you need for a true Rainbow Six Extraction walkthrough. Ubisoft’s new game is all about honing your skills and practicing your tactical plans in order to complete tougher Incursions and earn unique rewards whether it be new weapons or exclusive seasonal cosmetics for your operators, so let us help you on that journey.

Read on for our Rainbow Six Extraction walkthrough, covering tips, the best loadouts for all eighteen operators and any other questions you might have while increasing your milestone rank and taking on the many endgame challenges.

Rainbow Six Extraction walkthrough

Below you can find all of our Rainbow Six Extraction guides, with each one taking you to our recommended tips:

That’s everything for our Rainbow Six Extraction walkthrough right now! Stay tuned for more tips and help as Ubisoft introduce more modes and events for the game.