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Rainbow Six Extraction Proteans explained and how to defeat a Protean

Rainbow Six Extraction's five Proteans are incredibly tough, so here is some useful information on how you can take them out.

Rainbow Six Extraction Defeat a Protean: An Operator and a Protean can be seen facing off against one another.

Rainbow Six Extraction features over a dozen different enemy types for you to face off against. One of the toughest is the Protean, which are essentially Extraction’s equivalent of a boss fight.

While most Rainbow Six Extraction Archaeans can be approached in any way you wish, Proteans are incredibly challenging boss encounters where you face off against a parasitic version of an actual Rainbow Six operator. While these are really tough battles, you do at least get access to supply crates, allowing you to use up a lot of ammo on the Protean – trust us, you’ll need every bullet.

But, how do you actually beat Proteans and how does the boss fight work? Here is what we know about the Rainbow Six Extraction Proteans and how to defeat one.

Rainbow Six Extraction Proteans

There are currently five different Protean bosses in Rainbow Six Extraction, each mimicking the skills and abilities of a different operator. They are:


  • Alibi
  • Sledge
  • Smoke
  • Vigil
  • Finka

Alibi, Sledge, and Smoke were all in the game at launch. Vigil and Finka were added in post-launch content drops.

Rainbow Six Extraction how to defeat a Protean

To defeat a Protean in Rainbow Six Extraction you will need to first get the Gateway objective, which is one of the randomly-chosen objectives that can be served up during an Incursion. Then, once you have found the Gateway, you will need to activate it to get teleported to the fight against the Protean.

Proteans have incredibly high health bars, and some even have overshields as well that you need to take out first, so you’re going to need a lot of firepower. They can also teleport around the arenas and smash through certain sections of the environment in order to catch you out and find new sightlines for their lethal attacks.

Every attack at a Protean’s disposal is high-damage, so avoiding or attacks by finding cover is paramount.


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While it is certainly possible to solo a Protean, you’re best bet is to go in with at least one other player. Using one player as a distraction that can draw the Protean’s attention away while the other focuses on hitting weak spots to break shields or just generally deal high damage is the general formula you want to follow.

That’s everything you need to know about Extraction’s deadly and challenging Proteans. For more details on other enemy types, our Rainbow Six Extraction Archaeans guide has everything you need.