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Rainbow Six Extraction best Finka loadout, weapon, equipment

Looking for the best Finka loadout in Rainbow Six Extraction? Here’s everything you need to know about how to utilise her in an incursion

Rainbow Six Extraction Finka: Default character model for Finka

Finka is an invaluable part of a successful incursion as a healing-based support operator in Rainbow Six Extraction. In fact, she’s one of the top operators in our definitive Rainbow Six Extraction tier list. Her Adrenal Surge can offer an important burst of health when you’re in a tight spot and it can be used to revive allies from a down-but-not-out (DBNO) state. However, there are more choices to make when it comes to picking Finka as your operator. This is why it’s vital that you make sure you have the best Finka loadout when you head into your next hot-zone.

When you choose your operator in Rainbow Six Extraction, you’ll notice that there are quite a few loadout options available – this allows you to tweak your equipment to better suit your operator’s unique abilities and natural strengths. Choosing the best Finka loadout in Rainbow Six Extraction can be the difference between failure and success – even if she’s one of the top options in the game!

The more you play as Finka, the more XP you’ll earn – this allows you to progress through Finka’s unique unlocks and access new primary and secondary weapons. There are also a few upgrades available along the way that only go to build on Finka’s natural strengths and increase her effectiveness in combat. Each choice matters and after some experimentation, we have put together the best Finka loadout for Rainbow Six Extraction – something that gives you a fighting chance against the Archaeans.

Rainbow Six Extraction best Finka loadout

After spending some time playing around with the options available, this is the best Finka loadout in Rainbow Six Extraction.

  • Primary: Spear .308 – Suppressor, Vertical Grip, and Reflex Sight
  • Secondary: GSH-18 – Suppressor
  • Explosive: Stun Grenade
  • Gear: Explosive Harness
  • Ability: Adrenal Surge

Rainbow Six Extraction Best Finka loadout: The recommended loadout for Finka can be seen in the menu.

When it comes to looking at Finka’s arsenal for the best primary weapon, you don’t need to look far. The Spear .308 – the first primary weapon she has unlocked – is actually the best option available. After a bit of playtime with each weapon, we’ve found that the Spear .308 offers the perfect balance as an assault rifle.

It’s fast enough to keep you from being bogged down when you need to reload and it deals enough damage to confidently dispatch Archaeans both at a distance and up close. Choosing the Vertical Grip over the Angled Grip is also useful when it comes to recoil control during sustained fire.

Finka is one of the few operators in Rainbow Six Extraction with two equally fantastic secondary weapon options. We have opted to favour the GSH-18, however, due to its extended magazine. The difference in damage is negligible when it comes to the fact that the GSH-18 has more than twice as many rounds in a magazine.

Looking at the Reach Tech options available, we have found that the Stun Grenade is ultimately the best option for the React Tech Explosive slot. Finka’s operator ability lends itself well to experimentation and if you find yourself having trouble with spores, it might be worth deploying with the Impact Grenades in your inventory instead – these are great at clearing out these clusters. However, the Stun Grenade’s ability to disrupt stronger Archaeans is invaluable.

With Finka’s Adrenal Surge preventing KO when knocked into DBNO and her Resilient Revival perk allowing her to self-revive by getting kills while DBNO, Finka’s React Tech Gear slot is more open to experimentation than in other operators’ loadouts.

This is why we suggest deploying with the Explosive Harness. React Tech supply crates are rare and dropping into a Hot-Zone with three additional Stun Grenades is going to help you out a lot more than you might think. If you find yourself running low on ammunition a lot, you might want to consider swapping this out for an Ammo Satchel.

If Finka doesn’t seem like the right choice for you and you want to explore your options, you can find information on all the Rainbow Six Extraction operators here. It’s also worth checking out our guide on Rainbow Six Extraction’s Proteans – these are the toughest enemies you’ll come across and it’s important to be well-prepared when you face one