Rainbow Six Extraction operators – weapons, gadgets, abilities

Everything you need to know about the Rainbow Six Extraction operators

Rainbow Six Extraction operators

Curious about Rainbow Six Extraction? Join the club. Ubisoft has kept this co-op shooter under wraps for a long time, but after two name changes and lots of work, we’ve finally got a closer look at the game. And, well, it looks a lot like Rainbow Six Siege.

You see, all of the Rainbow Six Extraction operators that have been confirmed so far come straight from the Siege roster. Sledge brings his big hammer, Doc brings his stim gun, and Alibi has her holograms. In that respect, Extraction will feel very similar to its bigger brother – but there are some key differences.

While the gadgets carry over, Rainbow Six Extraction operators have access to different weapons, abilities, and secondary gadgets than in Siege, making their battle against an alien force all the more interesting. So if you’re keen to find out what you’ll have at your disposal when you first get your hands on the game, here’s everything we know so far about the Rainbow Six Extraction operators, including their weapons, gadgets, abilities, and more.

Rainbow Six Extraction operators

We know there are 18 Rainbow Six Extraction operators, but these are the ones we have confirmed details on:


Ela is a three-speed, one-armour operator who has her Rainbow Six Siege gadget, the Grzmot Mine, at her disposal. These are basically sticky proximity mines that stun enemies caught in the blast. They’re also automatically recharged after a certain period of time.

Her ability is called Healthy Hand, although we don’t yet know what it does. As for a weapon, the Scorpion EVO 3 machine gun is her default.


Doc is a one-speed, three armour operator, armed with a SG-CQB shotgun, who can fire his stim pistol to heal or revive either himself of teammates in the down-but-not-out state. He’s super handy to have in sticky situations to keep the team alive and well.

His ability is called Stronger Recovery which is obviously linked to his heals, but we don’t yet know how it works.


Alibi is a three-speed, one-armour operator who can deploy holograms of herself, known as Prismas, around the map. These are great decoys that attract enemy attention and keep them far away from you. If you manage to bait them with a Prisma and they attack, their position is revealed to you. Her Mx4 Storm SMG is a good way of keeping enemies at bay.

Alibi’s ability is called Enhanced Reflexes, so we expect her to have some sort of heightened state in game.


Vigil is also a three-speed, one armour operator whose ERC-8 Disruptor gadget makes him undectable for a short period of time. This is helpful if you need to sneak past enemies, especially since it can be reused after cooldown.

His ability is called Gear Up and he carried the K1A1 machine gun.


Hibana is a hard-breach operator that has three-speed and one-armour. Her explosive gadget, known as X-Kairos, can be fired at any surface. The pellets then stick to that surface and destroy it.

Her ability is called Stronger Recovery, implying some sort of boost. She also has the TYPE-89 assault rifle at her disposal.


Finka is a two-speed, two-armour operator who can boost her entire team with one click. Her gadget, Adrenal Surge, boosts team response and survival and will revive any downed teammate. For a weapon, Finka has the SPEAR.308.

Resilient Revival is her ability which might give recently revived teammates an additional boost.


Pulse is a three-speed, one-armour operator with a knack of identifying enemies through walls and floors. His Cardiac Sensor gadget scans nearby areas for heartbeats and will ping when it’s found one. In Extraction, Pulse is particularly useful because he can scout the path ahead and detect VIPS, MIAs, and Nests.

His ability is the same as Ela’s – Healthy Hand and he carries the M1014 shotgun.


Sledge, a two-speed, two-armour operator, brings his big hammer over from Siege that allows him to destroy walls and floors. His M590A1 shotgun is his main primary.

As for an ability, he too has the Healthy Hand.


Lion is a great scout in Extraction, bringing with him his EE-One-D Drone which detects all moving enemies in the area. He’s only a two-speed, two-armour operator though, so he’ll be a tad slower getting there.

Lion’s ability is Stronger Recovery and he carries the V308 assault rifle.

Extraction operators react tech

Every Extraction operator also has the option to carry a secondary gadget, known as React Tech, that will help give you the edge in the game.

Here’s what you can choose from:

  • Recon Drone: Gather intelligence by scanning objectives, Archæans and refill sources.
  • Explosive Harness: Increases how many explosives you can carry.
  • Ammo Satchel: Increases your ammunition supply by 50%.
  • Body Armour: Reduces damage by 20% and ensures down-but-not-out status.

So there you have it, everything we know so far about Rainbow Six Extraction operators. We’ll update this guide as soon as we know what the abilities are and if more operators join the fight.

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