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Rainbow Six Extraction operators - all 20 operators

Here's the full roster of Rainbow Six Extraction operators so you can see which Siege characters have made the jump to its PvE spin-off.

Rainbow Six Extraction Operators: Three Operators can be seen in the menu selection screen, preparing their weapons.

Who are the Rainbow Six Extraction’s operators? There are 20 operators in Rainbow Six Extraction, each being plucked from Ubisoft’s competitive PvP shooter, Rainbow Six Siege.

Bringing their classic abilities with new twists and updated stats that better reflect the PvE environment of Extraction, all the operators feature weaponry and gadgets that will help you take down the Archaeans and complete objectives during Incursions. But, you will also need to think about team compositions and how well operators work together. For example, Fuze’s explosives work well with Lion or Pulse’s scanner, allowing you to get valuable information on each of the rooms before breaching into them.

So, who has joined the game from the Siege roster and how have their loadouts changed. Continue reading for a full overview of the Rainbow Six Extraction operators and their individual gadgets and stats.

Rainbow Six Extraction operators

There are 20 Rainbow Six Extraction operators – the game launched with a roster of 18, and two were added in post-launch updates. It is unlikely that anymore will be added to the game.

The starting Rainbow Six Extraction operators that you have immediate access to are:

  • Doc
  • Ela
  • Pulse
  • Alibi
  • Finka
  • Hibana
  • Lion
  • Sledge
  • Vigil

The operators unlocked at Milestone Rank 5 are:

  • IQ
  • Jäger
  • Rook

The operators unlocked at Milestone Rank 10 are:

  • Fuze
  • Smoke
  • Tachanka

The operators unlocked at Milestone Rank 17 are:

  • Capitão
  • Gridlock
  • Nomad

The two post-launch operators are:

  • Echo
  • Zofia

Rainbow Six Extraction Operators: Ela can be seen looking around a corner alongside two other Operators.


Doc is a two speed, four armour operator, armed with a Stim Pistol to heal or revive either himself or teammates in the down-but-not-out state. He’s super handy to have in sticky situations to keep the team alive and well and a lifesaver if you are attempting an Incursion on your own.


Ela is a four speed, one armour operator who has her Rainbow Six Siege gadget, the Grzmot Mine, at her disposal. These are sticky proximity mines that stun enemies caught in the blast. They’re also automatically recharged after a certain period of time. They can be thrown near enemies or placed in a pathway while you wait for a Rainbow Six Extraction Archaean to stumble by it.


Pulse is a three-speed, three armour operator with a knack for identifying key points of interest through walls and floors. His Cardiac Sensor gadget scans the nearby areas for VIPs, operators missing in action, and Nests.

Rainbow Six Extraction Operators: Hibana, Sledge, and a third Operator can be seen through a broken wall.


Alibi is a four speed, three armour operator who can deploy holograms of herself, known as Prismas, around the map. These are great decoys that attract enemy attention and keep them far away from you and come in handy during defense objectives and capturing areas.


Finka is a two speed, two armour operator who can boost her entire team with one click. Her ability, Adrenal Surge, boosts team response and survival, giving them a burst of health and improved weapon control. It will also revive any downed teammates.


Hibana is a breach-based operator that has four speed and one armour. Her explosive gadget, known as X-Kairos, can be fired at any surface. The pellets then stick to that surface and destroy it. It is also good at penetrating armored Archaeans like the Smasher and Lurker.

Rainbow Six Extraction Operators: Sledge can be seen alongside two other Operators through a hole in the wall.


Lion is a top-tier scout operator in Extraction, bringing with him his EE-One-D Drone which detects all moving enemies in the area. With three speed and four armour stats, he is great as a beginners pick and will be key when taking on tougher modes like Rainbow Six Extraction’s Maelstrom Protocol.


Sledge, a two-speed, two-armour operator, brings his big old hammer over from Siege. This hammer will allow him to stun enemies and also destroy walls and surfaces to open up new pathways.


Vigil is a three speed, two armour operator whose ERC-8 Disruptor gadget makes him undetectable for a short period of time. Used to sneak past enemies and perform takedowns, when upgraded the Disruptor will even cloak your teammates.

Rainbow Six Extraction Operators: Two Operators can be seen to the side, fighting Archaeans with the player throwing a greande.


IQ’s ability is her Red MK IV Spectre gadget which allows you to detect REACT equipment and supplies throughout the environment, with a set of respectable three speed and one armour stats as well.


Jäger joins Extraction with his Active Defense turrets that will destroy enemies and projectiles within the area it is placed on. Imbued with three speed and two armour stats, Jäger is a great defensive operator.


Rook is all about support with his three armour and one speed stats. Equipped with an Armor Pack, Rook can place down armour plates for your teammates helping them survive in the field.

Rainbow Six Extraction Operators: Tachanka can be seen firing his machine gun off to the side with another operator barricading a wall.


Fuze is a handy operator to have when fighting in enclosed maps with three speed and four armour stats. His Cluster Charge will obliterate enemies in a room when placed on the outer side of a destructible wall.


Ironically, Smoke doesn’t have any smoke grenades in Extraction. With two speed and two armour, Smoke can throw Z9 gas grenades which are remotely detonated, damaging anyone in their area of effect.


Tachanka’s mounted LMG returns in Extraction and can lockdown chokepoints or pummel a tougher enemy like the Rainbow Six Siege Proteans. While slow with only one speed, he makes up for it with a three armour stat.

Rainbow Six Extraction Operators Multiple enemies can be seen rushing three Operators by a doorway.


Capitão brings his three speed and one armor stat, as well as his TAC MKO Crossbow with him to REACT. Able to swap between smoke bolts and damaging venom bolts, Capitão acts as a great cover Operator for your team.


Gridlock brings an Aussie sting to Extraction with her Trax Stingers. Deployable traps that slow and halt enemies in place, they are great at cutting off chokepoints and also halting tougher Archaeans from chasing you and your team. She is a slower operator with only one speed and three armor.


Nomad is the final Operator in Rainbow Six Extraction at launch. With three speed and two armor, her Airjab Launcher will fire a repulsion mine knocking back enemies and clearing an area of any hazards.


Echo joined the roster post-launch, and comes equipped with a drone that can distract enemies and lure them into a crowd. This makes it easy to take out a whole group of Arachaeans at once with a well-placed grenade. When upgraded, the drone can emit sonic blasts that can essentially vaporize enemies.


Zofia also joined the Extraction roster post-launch, and comes with an incredible array of abilities. She has a launcher that fires both concussion and impact grenades, she is immune to all blinding effects, and she can revive herself when she gets downed.

So there you have it, a full list of all the Rainbow Six Extraction operators. While it seems unlikely given it’s been over two years since we saw a new operator, we’ll update this list should Ubisoft choose to expand its roster.