Rainbow Six Extraction REACT Laser – how to unlock

Are you looking to unlock the REACT Laser in Rainbow Six Extraction? Here is how you can go about doing it.

Rainbow Six Extraction How To Unlock The REACT Laser: A player can be seen firing the REACT Laser at the ground.

If you have been getting stuck into Rainbow Six Extraction, you will know that trying to walk through Sprawl on the ground is a nightmare. It slows your speed to a pulse, speeds up your enemies, and also restricts your movement.

You can shoot this Sprawl with a regular weapon, which does remove it within a small radius of where you fired, but on higher difficulties this strategy becomes almost impossible due to how much Sprawl is on the map. Grenades do help with this, but, there is a late end-game piece of gear that you can unlock that helps you remove this Sprawl: the REACT Laser.

This piece of gear is automatically equipped to weapons and can be easily selected by turning off your ‘REACT Light’ flashlight. But, in Rainbow Six Extraction how do you unlock the REACT Laser and what are the fastest ways to get XP in the game? Continue reading for a deep dive into the invaluable bit of equipment.

Rainbow Six Extraction REACT Laser unlock

The REACT Laser in Rainbow Six Extraction is unlocked by reaching Milestone Rank 25.

This rank tracks your total XP earned across the entire time you have been playing the game. Once you reach Rank 25 this piece of gear will be equipped to all your weapons automatically.

While you are grinding towards rank 25, you will lose XP towards your Milestone Rank if you die in an Incursion and then fail to extract the MIA operator from the next one you play. However, if you do manage to extract their stasis-foam-covered body, all the XP at risk will be returned to you. Playing on higher difficulties will allow you to get XP much faster as Mutations in the game offer up bonus XP rewards and objective completion XP is increased.

You can also try to kill enemies through stealth, with takedowns, or through destructible surfaces to get more XP. We have more thorough tips in our guide for Rainbow Six Extraction on how to earn Milestone and Operator XP fast.

For more assistance during Incursions in Rainbow Six Extraction, take a look through our Rainbow Six Extraction walkthrough with more guides and tips.