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Rainbow Six Extraction how to earn milestone and operator XP fast

Want to know how to earn XP fast in Rainbow Six Extraction? Here is how you can maximize your Milestone and Operator XP to rank up quickly.

Rainbow Six Extraction How To Earn Milestone and Operator XP Fast: Four operators can be seen sitting in a helicopter.

Rainbow Six Extraction is packed with 30 Milestone Ranks and 18 operators, all of which can be ranked up to level ten. With a lot of XP to earn, progressing through the ranks can seem like a tall order, especially when you need XP to unlock desirable gear and new cosmetics.

However, there are some key steps you can take to earn XP much faster in Rainbow Six Extraction, although it will require taking on some of the tougher challenges in the game. It’ll also require you to deviate off the main path to complete pretty much every challenge in game, including Rainbow Six Extraction’s Research Studies.

So, whether it’s your Milestone Rank and overall game progression you are looking to level up, or it’s your favourite Rainbow Six Extraction operator, don’t spend your time sinking hours into the game without looking at the following tips so you can earn XP fast.

Rainbow Six Extraction earn XP Fast

To earn Rainbow Six Extraction Milestone and Operator XP quickly, you will need to take the following steps:

  • Play Cautious, Severe, or Critical Incursions
  • Stay in Incursions with Parasite Mutations
  • Be as stealthy as possible
  • Complete Studies

Rainbow Six Extraction How To Earn Milestone and Operator XP Fast: Two Operators can be seen to the side, fighting Archaeans with the player throwing a grenade.

Play Cautious, Severe, or Critical Incursions

By playing Incursions on higher difficulties, you will get bonus XP for completing objectives which provides a sizeable bonus: 50% for Cautious Incursions, 100% for Severe Incursions, 200% for Critical Incursions.

Cautious Incursions are easily completable alone with a bit of practice, but if you are playing with a team, then you should attempt the two higher difficulties. You will face tougher variants of Rainbow Six Extraction’s Archaeans but with a team that has had some practice you will be able to get through them.

Rainbow Six Extraction How To Earn Milestone and Operator XP Fast: Tachanka can be seen firing his machine gun off to the side with another operator barricading a wall.

Stay in Incursions with Parasite Mutations

When playing on the above difficulties, you have the chance to spawn a Parasite Mutation when beginning an Incursion. Parasite Mutations in Rainbow Six Extraction radically change how the game can play. For example, the enemies might all be invisible, or Sprawl spread around the map will become toxic, damaging you when stepping in it.

Completing Incursions with these activated will reward a chunk of bonus XP at the end. And, if you load into an Incursion without one, you can simply leave and restart it.

Rainbow Six Extraction How To Earn Milestone and Operator XP Fast: Two operators can be seen prepping a trap and another is throwing a grenade at a group of Archaeans.

Be as stealthy as possible

Rainbow Six Extraction rewards you sizeably if you take out enemies by stealth attacks with a silenced weapon or takedowns. But, you can also get bonus points for killing enemies through destructible surfaces, or using equipment like Ela’s stun mines, stun grenades, scan grenades, or spotting enemies with Lion’s ability.

All of this adds up over the course of the game and will be a nice boon after collecting all that Parasite Mutation XP and bonus objective XP.

Rainbow Six Extraction How To Earn Milestone and Operator XP Fast: Multiple grunts can be seen running towards a squad taking cover.

Complete Studies

Rainbow Six Extraction Studies are small and simple challenges that can be completed and vary from killing enemies to using specific pieces of equipment and operators’ gadgets.

These offer a nice segment of bonus XP at the end of an Operation and will help towards boosting your overall takeaway thanks to the 90% Extraction boost offered upon exfiltrating from a hot-zone.

Those tips should help you rank up your Operators and Milestone Rank a bit faster. For more on how to make the most of your time in the game, check out our Rainbow Six Extraction walkthrough which is packed with more tips and links to more in-depth guides.