Can you play Rainbow Six Extraction solo?

Are you looking to check out Extraction, but don't have any buddies? Here is the answer to the questions 'can you play Rainbow Six Extraction solo?'

Rainbow Six Extraction Can You Play Solo: An Operator can be seen crouched behind a rubbish bin shooting at some Archaeans

Rainbow Six Extraction has always been pitched as a co-operative game that you should play with two others, but not everyone enjoys multiplayer experiences and some players just don’t have two friends to play with.

Some features in Ubisoft’s latest shooter, such as the Rainbow Six Extraction Buddy Pass (which has been delayed until after launch) and matchmaking, help alleviate these issues for some players, but there will still be a group of players who want to taken on Incursions by themselves. They may even want to fully complete the game without ever playing with another player. If that sounds like you, then you’re in luck.

If you’re asking ‘can you play Rainbow Six Extraction solo?’, you’re in the right place. The answer is a bit more complicated than a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ as it all depends on which mode you are playing and how difficult you want your Incursions into a parasite-infected America to be.

Can You Play Rainbow Six Extraction Solo?

Yes, you can experience the majority of what Rainbow Six Extraction has to offer solo. We spent most of our time for our Rainbow Six Extraction review playing the three lower difficulties of the game on our own. We found that it was possible to rank up your milestone level and operators fairly quickly doing this.

The fourth and highest difficulty of the game is doable while playing solo, but it is particularly challenging. You will need to choose a specific zone to enter though, instead of “quick play”.

However, weekly Assignment events and the endgame Maelstrom Protocol event have to be played with two other players, either through matchmaking or partying up with your friends.

This means that main progression path and all the missions in the base campaign can be played alone. But if you want to attempt the weekly events, you will need to play with other players.

That should answer your questions about playing Rainbow Six Extraction solo. For more help with getting through the game’s many challenging Incursions, check out our Rainbow Six Extraction walkthrough.