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Rainbow Six Extraction’s Buddy Pass will let two of your friends play for free

Rainbow Six Extraction's buddy pass hopes to bring in more players on all platforms in the initial days after the game's launch in January 2021

Rainbow Six Extraction Buddy Pass: Three players can be seen setting up defenses against the Archaeons.

Ubisoft has announced Rainbow Six Extraction‘s Buddy Pass, which will allow you to invite two of your friends to play the game alongside you for up to 14 days. Available with the launch of Extraction on January 20, 2021, this buddy pass system will offer two tokens that can be used by any of your pals no matter what platform they are on.

However, there are a few catches. Despite full cross-play and access to the entire game, the players you invite will need to download the Trial version of the game. Invited players will also only be able to access the content if they are playing in your squad. In short, the players you invite can’t play Rainbow Six Extraction unless they are playing with you.

In addition to the announcement of the Buddy Pass, Ubisoft confirmed a new, lower price point for the game: $39.99/£33.99. Those that want additional content can drop a few extra pennies to pick up the Deluxe Edition, which comes with three bonus packs (the contents of which hasn’t been detailed yet) at the cost of $49.99/£41.99.

Rainbow Six Extraction has had a rocky road up until now with numerous delays and multiple name changes. However, it looks like the final pieces of the puzzle are coming together.

Rainbow Six Extraction Buddy Pass: An image showcasing how the buddy pass system works in Rainbow Six Extraction.

Offering a PvE take on Rainbow Six Siege’s gunplay, you will face the gruesome Archaeans in dungeon-like missions that require the toolsets of each of Rainbow Six Extraction’s Operators in order to succeed. Come January, we will have to see whether Extraction can revolutionise PvE in the same way Siege did for PvP.