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Rainbow Six Extraction Maelstrom Protocol details, classes, rewards

Looking to know more about Rainbow Six Extraction's Maelstrom Protocol endgame event? Here are all the details on modifiers, rewards, ranks, and more.

Rainbow Six Extraction Maelstrom Protocol: Tachanka can be seen firing at a Smasher, while two operators attack it from behind.

Rainbow Six Extraction‘s Maelstrom Protocol event is the endgame gauntlet available for you and your friends to take on. Ramping up the difficulty in each sub-zone and with shorter time limits and random modifiers, Maelstrom Protocol will require pitch perfect communication, great teamwork, and a water-tight strategy.

However, if you are able to tackle it and come out victorious you will have unique rewards added to your collection, on top of REACT Credits, which can be used to purchase cosmetic skins from the in-game shop. But, how does the Maelstrom Protocol work and in what ways does it differ from your traditional Incursion?

Rainbow Six Extraction Maelstrom Protocol

Maelstrom Protocol in Rainbow Six Extraction offers up nine individual objectives to complete in one Incursion, instead of the traditional three. Each of the nine sub-zones you visit have their own Mutation, which changes certain aspects of the game.

As you progress through each sub-zone, the time you have to complete the objective decreases, enemy difficulty increases, and ammo and health packs become more scarce.

Maelstrom Protocol will also limit you to choosing from a whittled down lineup of six pre-selected Rainbow Six Extraction Operators. This forces you to have them leveled up to max or quickly learn an operator’s loadout.

Finally, if your operator fails to extract or becomes MIA, you will need to return to traditional Incursions to rescue them.

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While the Maelstrom Protocol will reset every week, they remain the same each time you try it within a seven-day period. This allows you to learn how each one is structured and slowly get better at tackling them with each try.

Rainbow Six Extraction Maelstrom Protocol classes

Within Rainbow Six Extraction there are six different ranked classes you can reach, based on the amount of XP you earn within a Maelstrom Protocol run. They closely resemble the tier titles found in Rainbow Six Siege ranked. 

These classes are as follows with the following XP goals:

  • Bronze Class – 20,000+ XP
  • Silver Class – 30,000+ XP
  • Gold Class – 50,000+ XP
  • Platinum Class – 75,000+ XP
  • Diamond Class – 95,000+ XP

Rainbow Six Extraction Maelstrom Protocol: The Maelstrom Protocol screen can be seen from the Extraction Menu, showing a weekly goal and the six classes.

Rainbow Six Extraction Maelstrom Protocol rewards

With more objectives than an Incursion, Maelstrom Protocol offers up tons of XP to earn, far more than what is on offer in regular trips into the parasite-infected locations sprawled across America.

Maelstrom Protocol will also offer up REACT Credits, which are the game’s premium currency. You can use these to buy skins from the shop, which usually require you to spend real money.

An exclusive headgear can also be earned when you reach each of the class ranks within the Maelstrom Protocol activity. The design of these headgears will reflect the rank you achieved – expect to receive a vibrant purple helmet if you reach the top rank of Diamond.

That covers everything you need to know about the Rainbow Six Extraction Maelstrom Protocol mode. For more on Extraction, check out our guide on the game’s toughest enemy, Rainbow Six Extraction’s Proteans, so that you don’t go MIA on your next Incursion.