Rainbow Six Extraction Game Pass: everything you need to know

Looking to know if we are getting a Rainbow Six Extraction game pass release? We have the latest information from Ubisoft and Microsoft

Rainbow Six Extraction Game Pass: Three Operators can be seen crouching and proning from behind a small van.

Rainbow Six Extraction sees the stealthy series take a step forward in a new direction. Offering a PvE-focused, dungeon crawler-esque experience that asks you to either take on the next section of a containment zone or extract out of the current one with your gear, Ubisoft has no doubt crafted a hardcore co-op experience.

And with co-op there comes the calls from players to be able to play with their friends without needing to purchase multiple copies of the game. The game will be launching into Nvidia’s GeForce Now subscription service so could we see a Rainbow Six Extraction Game Pass release?

Well both Microsoft and Ubisoft have been quite tight lipped so far, especially as the Rainbow Six Extraction buddy pass solves this problem somewhat. But, that has changed in the days leading up to the game’s launch. Read on to find out the latest on the game.

Is Rainbow Six Extraction Coming To Game Pass?

Rainbow Six Extraction is coming to Xbox Game Pass for Console, PC, and Cloud at launch on January 20, 2022. The news was announced by Ubisoft ahead of the game’s releases and will mean the game has a solid playerbase at launch.

The game should also stay on the service for at least a few months, so you don’t have to worry about losing access. Rainbow Six Siege will also be coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC and Cloud on the same day. It has already been available on Console for a while.

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That covers everything we know about a possible Rainbow Six Extraction game pass release. For the full list of Xbox Game Pass January 2022 games, check out our list and take a look at nine other games we would like to see join the service this year.