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Is Rainbow Six Extraction on Xbox Game Pass?

This intriguing spin-off is excellent for FPS fans looking for something new, but is Rainbow Six Extraction on Game Pass?

Rainbow Six Extraction Game Pass: Three Operators can be seen crouching and proning from behind a small van.

Rainbow Six Extraction sees the stealthy shooter series take a step in a slightly different direction. Offering a PvE-focused, dungeon crawler experience that asks you to either take on the next section of a containment zone or extract out of the current one with your gear, Ubisoft has no doubt crafted a hardcore co-op experience.

And with co-op there comes the calls from players to be able to play with their friends without needing to purchase multiple copies of the game. If Rainbow Six Extraction is on the Xbox Game Pass games list, then that represents an affordable and accessible co-op game for players to jump into with their pals. So, is it on the subscription service?

Is Rainbow Six Extraction on Xbox Game Pass?

While Rainbow Six Extraction launched onto Xbox Game Pass on day one back in January 2022, it has since been removed from the library and is currently not on Game Pass.

The FPS game remained on Game Pass for well over a year. However, when the new Game Pass games for April 2023 were announced, it was also revealed that Rainbow Six Extraction would be one of the titles departing the service.

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It’s older, PvP-focused brother, Rainbow Six Siege, remains on Game Pass though. Alongside Siege, there are also plenty of other excellent alternatives subscribers can pick up and play instead, such as:

  • Deep Rock Galactic – another co-op, extraction-based experience but with a more light-hearted approach than Extraction
  • Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands – another great shooter from Ubisoft
  • Remnant 2 – a co-op shooter that leans heavily on the best Soulslike games
  • Dead Space – for a similarly eerie, alien-shooter experience

That covers everything we know about Rainbow Six Extraction on Game Pass. Hopefully someday soon the game will return. Until then, check out our best Xbox Game Pass games list (where you’ll find a lot of our recommendations above) for something excellent to dive into.