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Rainbow Six Extraction Mutations

Here are all the Rainbow Six Extraction Mutations, which are random modifiers and changes that you might run into in high-difficulty modes.

Rainbow Six Extraction Mutations: A operator can be seen looking at an MIA operator and other operators around it

Rainbow Six Extraction Mutations are game-changing modifiers that can affect how an Incursion is played out or how you need to approach each scenario. Also known as Parasite Mutations, they provide you with a nice bonus chunk of XP if you extract with one active.

These modifiers are quite drastic alterations in most cases, changing parts of the game significantly to ramp up the difficulty. This includes turning all the enemies invisible in an Incursion, or making nests invincible. Parasite Mutations can appear as you attempt higher difficulties in the game, but they also show up in the Maelstrom Protocol event and Assignments.

So what are all the Rainbow Six Extraction Mutations you can experience in the game? Continue reading for the details and descriptions of them.

Rainbow Six Extraction Mutations

Here are the 12 different Rainbow Six Extraction Parasite Mutations:

  • Armored Nests Mutation
  • Blinding Spore Carriers Mutation
  • Chimera Fog Mutation
  • Caustic Sprawl Mutation
  • Cloaked Archaeans Mutation
  • Sprawl Overflow Mutation
  • Spontaneous Sludge Mutation
  • Immortal Smasher
  • Archaean Havoc
  • Revived Archaeans
  • Spontaneous Blinding Mines
  • Spontaneous Exploding Mines

Armored Nests

The Armored Nests Mutation makes Nests completely invincible. They will be encased in an armored carapace, which prevents bullets from destroying them and makes them impossible to take down.

Blinding Spore Carriers

This Mutation spawns Archaeans that have blinding spores on them. This means that if they get close, you will be hooked onto by the spores, eventually causing a gas explosion in the area.

Caustic Sprawl

This Mutation is one you don’t want to get. It will turn all the Sprawl on the map into a green substance that becomes acidic. If you step into it then you will take damage. Clearing Sprawl as you make your way through an Incursion will become a high priority.

Chimera Fog

This Mutation coats the entire map in a thick fog that can make seeing enemies and landing headshots much harder. You will also ideally want to bring a recon operator with you to spot objectives.

Cloaked Archaeons

This Mutations is particularly brutal as it will cloak every Archaean on the map, making them close to invisible. This can make you susceptible to surprise attacks or ambushes.

Sprawl Overflow

The Sprawl Overflow Mutation in Rainbow Six Extraction causes Archaeans to produce Sprawl wherever they move, leaving behind trails of the stuff across the map and severely hampering your speed if you haven’t unlocked the REACT Laser.

Spontaneous Sludge

This Mutation has a chance to spawn a Sludge Archaean after an enemy is killed. These little critters crawl around on the floor and can split apart if not killed fast enough.

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Immortal Smasher

Immortal Smashers are essentially invincible as their bodies are completely covered in impenetrable armor. Takedowns don’t work on them either. You have to use stuns, smokes, and whatever other diversions you can to get past them.

Archaean Havoc

Archaean’s can now break through barricades and reinforced walls instantly. Basically, hunkering down and reinforcing your perimeter walls is rendered useless.

 Revived Archaeans

After downing an Archaean, it will resurrect itself and start attacking you again. To combat this, aim for their glowing weak spots to make sure your enemy is properly downed.

Spontaneous Blinding Mines

Any Archaeans not killed by targeting their weak points will leave behind a Blinding Mine. Getting too close to one will detonate it and will blind you for a few seconds.

Spontaneous Exploding Mines

Similarly to above, any Archaeans not killed by targeting their weak spots will leave behind an Exploding Mine. When detonated, players will be damaged and temporarily stunned.

That covers all the Rainbow Six Extraction Mutations. For more help with the game, check out our rundown of all the Rainbow Six Extraction Operators and our Rainbow Six Extraction walkthrough which is packed with tips and guides..